Shiloh Desert Quest

Hey folks :wink:

Do you happen to know when the Shiloh Desert quest will appear again?

~in 10 days or so


Thank you very much, Z0lo :wink:

Hope this helps


Does not exactly indicate other than date when the next Shiloh dessert event will appear assuming 2019. Does the jan22 always remain the same ? If so does that mean next Jan will appear

The rare quests follow the same rotation, every 10 days or so. Currently Shrikewood is up, so in roughly a month will be the Shiloh Desert quest.

Put it like this, every 2 months the cycle restarts, so if you had Shiloh Desert on Jan 22 you can expect it again near the end of March. Basically in a year you should have 6 4* AM of each color [only from these quests].

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