Shiloh desert quest help

I’m getting badly defeated in the last level of this quest and i would like some suggestions on what materials to use to get the bosses?
It didn’t help that i always lose heroes along the way and end up with only two of three left by the time i get to the boss.

My team all level 60 three stripes and 4 stars
Rigard, chao, colen,melendor, sonya.

Any hints welcome. Thanks

If your heroes wouldn’t be strong enough to survive when dealing damage… you could directly harm the bosses with a carpet bombing approach:

Just try to use them after a round of specials to minimize the item’s expenditure.


It’s all yellow mobs and bosses. Can you swap in a second purple hitter for Chao?


Yes, one of the best words of advice going into a final stage boss battle is to have all your specials fired up first! Also, try and ghost tile at the end of each stage to fill up mel and rigard to heal your heros as much as possible.


Also, at the end of each wave of mobs, before you kill the last mob, ghost tiles through the empty spaces to fully heal your heroes and charge mana before moving on to the next wave


The Dragonian Mages at the end of Shiloh Desert has the Blinding Curse special. I did not have Rigard when I first did these quests, and there is “almost” no worse feeling after they blast you two in succession not only are you hurting from the damage, and when you fire off your specials you miss because you did not cleanse the blind effect.

I brought small Antidotes so I can use them (My Rigard is not quite serviceable yet) whenever Blinding Curse hit. Since you do have Rigard, make sure to save his special charged up to fire whenever blinded (hopefully right after the second one fired it off so you don’t get re-blinded). Or just bring some Antidotes.

Ghost tiles before the boss wave to have all specials ready to go like the others have also said.

Good luck, you can do it!


Here’s a video from way back that may help:


Thanks for the suggestions

Tried again by replacing Melendor with Sabrina and the game flooded my board with greens and before i could get to second stage lost three heroes and the rest was finished in the second one.
Will try again by replacing sabrina with sumitono.

You want to replace chao because his yellow tiles are weak against yellow opponents so only do half damage. That said, having three healers in your team may be a bit overkill (though it might actually help you considering your difficulties in surviving).

What items are you bringing? Are you bringing health potions?

When attacking the enemies, aim your hits at one enemy at a time. Take out the middle ones first, then the edges. Before you take down the last enemy of that round but after you get its health down, ghost tiles until your heroes’ mana are full. Then take down the last enemy. The next battle will be a lot quicker because you’ll start with your heroes’ specials.

Make sure you use health potions to keep your heroes alive and don’t be afraid to use damaging items, att up items, and other helpful items against the bosses.

Do you have any pulverizers? I recon they help a lot since in the last level the mobs get kinda tanky.
Colen is too slow, Chao is yellow [in a quest where all the enemies are yellow] and i believe 1 healer its enough because you need some fire power to put down those bosses and to many healers wont do enough tile damage.

Bring bombs and axes if you have them, mana if you think you need it, antidotes if you want [but since you got Rigard you dont need them] turtle banners. Try to clear the first 4 stages without losing heroes. Focus on one mob at the time and ghost title as much as you can with the last mob so you can heal your heroes.

All good tips, I use them

I just noticed something else that you said. The reason NPNKY suggested you swap out chao for a second purple hero is because purple tiles are strong against yellow enemies and so do double damage. Yellow tiles however, as I mentioned earlier, are weak against yellow enemies and so do only half damage.

What heroes are in your roster that are in their third or fourth ascension and what are their levels?

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make cyprian your tank and run rigard as healer or boril as tank purple flanks for damage to take down Shiloh. anytime bosses use aoe best thing to run is reflect to maximize damage. took out the two bosses last stage in about 45 seconds

Cyprian would be of great help here. Antidotes are a must (Rigard can only purify so much). Mana pots and some health. The blinding bosses will kill themselves on riposte, just throw as many tiles as possible as them to power-up their specials, and be prepared to heal and cleanse your team after they hit.

Got it, thanks for all the help.
Replaced Chao with Brienne and with a few bombs manages to finish it.

Great sugestion about the purples. It was like butter cutting butter.


Mono for an ultrafast victory.

Bosses died from 5 tiles, when their def was down.

Cut of both boss battles for the orb and the darts.

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I just completed it with a mono Purple. Literally one of the easiest quests completed. 2 healers, 2 snipers and a splash attack.


I passed it with war items on the last boss level.

For your reference: my team consists of 4 purples and 1 blue: 1 half baked 5* and 4* each, two maxed 3* and a 4.40 Kiril.

Like others said, you need to get your team into good health and fully charged at the end of each wave when there is only one monster left on board. If the opening board is not friendly to you and you lose your heroes in the beginning, you probably want to try it again.

To me, this is the only place guarantees 4* AM, so I am not reluctant on throwing all the best war items onto the bosses. Good luck

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