Shifting heros to other TCs


I’ve seen people say something along the lines of this but haven’t been able to quite understand it.

Can you shift finished heros to another training camp with finished heros waiting to be added to your hero inventory? Cause if you can Id love to know how…


I think you may be talking about shifting food and recruits from tc to tc. That can be beneficial if you are full of food or recruits and want to store it for later. Typically you would have something like 3 TCs running at ultra low cost and one running at legendary. Since legendary takes a lot of food and recruits, it can be stored there and removed later. There isn’t a way to shift stored heroes if they’ve already been trained. If you click on the icon, it will collect them and place them on your hero roster.


How do you store it and remove it later?


You know what that was a dumb question cause I just now noticed there is a minus button on it hahahaha wow tell me that’s been there for years and I’ve never noticed it hahahaha
I’m sorry guys


You are not alone. I didn’t find the Minus button for over 7 months.