Shield from Raids

Don’t know if this is where we are to suggest ideas, but an idea (probably more for the devs to make money, so I’ll take the credit, and a share if it gets implemented)
How about a 12 or 24 hour shield available to buy or work towards earning that would protect your base (and trophies) from being raided by other players?

If it was a reward say for winning 100 raids or similar then yes that would be a workanpble idea.
But if it was able to be brought then no it’s a very bad idea as the p2w guys would all be sat nicely without being able to be raided


Very true, I’m just sick of waking up everyday and losing 100-200 trophies overnight…
But yeah, if it was a reward, that would be good.

It looks like you said the magic words to have this incredibly bad idea implemented in a time frame worthy of the Guiness World Records: “for the devs to make more money”.

Go and (try to) get your share!!! it looks like it was a million dollar idea!!!


Did they do it??? LMFAO! I want a Job lads!!!

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