Sherwood Rogues, working on 9* titans needs 2

Updated Sept 5th: Sherwood Rogues is a friendly, well-established, English-speaking alliance looking for 2 recruits.

We are pretty laid back, and require really only that you periodically pay attention to alliance instructions and use all of your war flags if you are opted in.

We would prefer 3300 defense team power, and need 2 recruits. We are 10-5 in our last wars and hitting 9* titans currently.

Still have some openings, any questions or interest, let me know! Would love a couple more people to help us actually be able I kill a 10*.

Interested. You guys have any other requirements or use line etc? Got 3.2k TP

Just be active, we would love to have you. Just look for Sherwood rogue with leader zildjian zaviir and it’s open right now so you can pop right in.

Oh I responded too quickly. Yes we use discord

Rodek, your alliance sounds like the perfect next step for me! I’ve been playing for about 9 months, currently level 39, tp 39k, and active daily. I’m frustrated that my current alliance, despite being nice and friendly, has been losing wars over and over again from not using up all flags, no matter how much the more active members like myself tried to encourage participation. May I reserve a spot in your alliance this evening, after we defeat this last dragon to fill my titan chest? I look forward to more team works in wars! Much thanks~

Xrenia, we actually filled up right as you replied, but let me check on something for you and I may have an opening. If you see it at 29/30 jump in also.

@Xrenia if you’re still in the market for a new alliance the “Sixth Element” currently has an opening and we could use a strong player like yourself. We are currently hitting 9* titans and use all of our flags for war and are on a winning streak at the moment. We also encourage our members to use Discord. Feel free to message me at Novo2.0#4474

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Xrenia, looks like we are full. Check back with me or send me your contact info in discord if you like, I’m Rodek#6114, and I can check in with you if anything changes. I’m sure the loss is ours.

Thanks Novo and rodek for being so nice. I am completely illiterate about discord though… Let me go figure that out and post my info here…

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Hey! Looking to join. 2300 trophies 4019 defense

JackThunder, would love to have you too, but they won’t let us have 32 in an alliance. If you connect wih me on the discord above I can reach out to you if anything changes. Thanks and I hope we catch up with you at some point soon!

@JackThunder if you’re still looking for an alliance, come check us out. We currently have an opening.
📢 SIXTH ELEMENT: Alliance Hitting 9* Titans, Looking for 1 daily active player

Ok, now we need 2 again with a couple of other departures. 10-5 in our last 15 wars, getting 100% partipation. We would prefer 3300 or higher defense, feel free to pop on in as we are open.

Updated September 5, still looking for another 2 people. Pop on in, we are open, and would love to have you if you are active and over 3300 total power.

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