Sherwood Rogues family recruitment (14* or 12* titans)

Shadow Rogues needs a couple, see the post directly above this one. Contact me with questions. We just filled another war chest with a second in a row 7500-5000 win!

Shadow Rogues in search of a a few members. Take a look 2 posts up and/or contact me with questions.

We have members as high as 45 max 5* and 4800 defense, and a good scale to where we suggest you at least be, which is 4200 or more defense team power.

Shadow Rogues [SWR]
Alliance ranking: 600 on last mythic
Members: 27/30
Defense min: 4200
Titans: 12*
You should be war ready with at least 30 max 4-5*

Feel free to reach out:
LINE ID emz19
Discord Rodek#6114
Or just jump into shadow rogues and introduce yourself.

Expect to hit every titan, expect to use all war flags if opted in. Very active chat and discord for event information sharing and roster sharing and discussion.

I am in sherwood rogues, and love this group of people. Great family to be a part of.

Shadow Rogues is in search of a few players. We shrunk in size a bit, but we are still killing 12* and could use some dedicated players.

Must use all war flags if opted in. Suggest 4300 or higher defense and 30 4-5* war ready heroes that are maxed. You need to hit all titans as well. Other than that, fairly laid back but chatty and strategic group.

Contact me, or better yet just pop into the alliance ingame and let us know that you found us in the forums.

I love our alliance and I know you will too. Come check us out.

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