Sherwood Rogues family recruitment (13-14 or 11-12* titans)

As war time draws to a close those week, make the switch to a great alliance. See the post above this one or the very first post for details!

We are still looking for a few new members! Take a look at the requirements (First post) and find us online and hop in, or message me with any questions.

Looking for several new members for the 2 alliances. Please check the first message in this thread for information and hope to see you ingame. Message me with any questions.

Look at this puppy, it seems that back is full of tabards, come and get one.

Not too late to join the Rogues prior to the upcoming war.
Sherwood Rogues [SWR] - mostly 14* titans, 4600 defense. 28/30
Shadow Rogues [SWR] - mostly 12*, 4200 defense. 29/30.

Full details in the first post of this thread.

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