Sherwood Rogues family recruitment (13-14 or 10-11 titans)

Sherwood Rogues family is recruiting! These are competitive, English-speaking alliances with a very knowledgeable and friendly player base. We are building up the shadow rogues but expect it to be only slightly less powerful when full than Sherwood.

Sherwood Rogues [SWR]

Alliance ranking: Top 250

Members: current 30/30

Defense minimum: 4550

Titans: 13-14* with minimums

Expected 15 max 5*+

Shadow Rogues [SWR]

Alliance ranking: projected top 500 when full

Members: 21/30

Defense min: 4100

Titans: 10-11*

Expected 30 max 4-5*+

Both alliances use coordinated 3 wave war tactics. If opted in you must use your war flags. We have some flexibility too if you cannot hit at designated times.

Both alliances use discord, but we do also have a line group for easier video sharing.

People in shadow rogues have priority on openings in Sherwood.

Find the alliances ingame and jump in, or message me emz19 LINE ID, or rodek#6114 on discord.

Great place to grow and learn, or contribute right away! Lots of upward potential!

Good timing for making a new start!

Still looking for some recruits. A little bit of shuffling around and some shadows are moving up to Sherwood. Both are excellent alliances and as mentioned some very skilled players with deep benches in shadows along with a few up and coming stars. It’s a great environment with upward mobility if you want it or just getting tougher with the team.

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I spent about 2 months in Sherwood Rogues and had a great time there! Awesome alliance - well run, no drama, big decisions are made by vote. Also a great group of knowledgeable players and always can get some nice advice and discussion about defenses, heroes, event strategies. Highly recommend joining the alliance family!

Thanks Itty. We loved having you too. Look forward to growing our family. Lots of fun people too. No drama ever in my time here. Come check us out.

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