Sherwood Rogues: 9 star titans, 100% war participation (66% won)

Sherwood Rogues is a friendly, well-established, English-speaking alliance looking for 2 recruits.

We require that you pay attention to alliance instructions and use all of your war flags if you are opted in. We expect and get 100% of war flags used. All members periodically vote on war strategy adjustments like tank color and other things you can discover by joining :grinning:.

We also use discord for offline chat and media sharing.

The Rogues would prefer candidates with 3000 + defense team power, and need 2 recruits. Current alliance members ranges in power from 3400-4300, but you can be smaller if willing to learn and grow.

We are 10-5 in our last wars and hitting 9* titans currently.

Reach out to me here, or discord Rodek#6114. Alternatively, we are open so you can search Sherwood Rogues and join online if you fit the bill.

Thanks for reading and happy hunting!

Join the Rogues! Still looking for recruits.

And if you want to help on a 10* icehammer giant that would be good too…

We picked up one great recruit, but now still need 2 more as one person running 2 accounts decided to focus on one instead.

Pop on in if you fit the bill. Look for Sherwood Rogues with leader Zildjian Zaviir.

Come check out the Rogues! We probably won’t bite,

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Still in search of some new additions. Find us in the alliance search and jump on in!

Come join the Rogues! Recruits still needed

We got 2, but lost 2. End result is we still need 2. Come find us, we are a fun group!

Good time to join while we are voting on new tank and war strategy!

Rogues looking for recruits!

Trimmed down to 27, Bring yourself and your two friends!

28/30. Bring yourself and 1 friend!

29/30. Still need one valiant warrior to complete the team!

In need of one warrior to round out the crew. Jump on in if you fit the bill! Find us online, Sherwood Rogues with leader Zildjian Zaviir and open.

You still in the market for a new alliance member?

I’ve been playing this game for a year and a half now, and feel like I have a halfway decent roster. I don’t know how such things are typically measured, but the average strength of the 30 heroes who are my six strongest heroes of each color is just over 650. (I have a spreadsheet to help me manage and track my heroes.) My current defense team is sitting at 3870.

There’s a lot I don’t know about this game. I’ve spent all my time with the same alliance, and I think I’m ready to move on and learn some new strategies. I’ve also never used discord before, so there will be a steep learning curve there as well.

Let me know if you’ve got a spot for an old dog wanting to learn new tricks.

Glad you made it over, sorry I didn’t see this before you found us. I was a little distracted with the war :slight_smile:

Currently full, but possible opening soon for anyone else interested!

And back at 29/30. Prefer not any alliance hoppers!

We are full up again. Let me know if interested though still in case we can get you in!

Ok, we have one opening again now. A long time player just found he didn’t have enough time to commit anymore. We’d love to have you if you think you’d fit in!

On another note, we are now killing 9-10 star titans

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