Sherwood recruitment [SWR family]

Couldn’t recommend the SWR family more. Played in each tier during my time and loved each one. Always helpful and great for fun and serious players!! Go on, have a go

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Thanks for the kind words Chico. If you ever want to come back let us know!

We need several people right now for each alliance as one of our group started another family alliance. Search SWR in the alliance search and see if any are a match for you.

Sherwood Rangers really lost the most, and we would be open to a merger for an alliance with 8-13 members, with some of us able to move to other alliances.

Recruiting for the Sherwood Family, please see below. Any questions or interest, reach out to me LINE ID: emz19 or discord Rodek#6114, or find us ingame and join if you meet the requirements!

Sherwood Rogues [SWR]

Alliance ranking: In and out of Top 100

Members: current 29/30

Defense minimum: 4800

Titans: continuous 14*

Troop recommendation: level 23+ mana, all colors, many are at 29.

Expected 25-30+ max 5*, need a good purple tank as well.


Sherwood Rangers -[SWR]

Members: 18/30

Defense min: 4200

Titans: 11*

Expected 30 max 4-5*+

Rangers lost several members that went up to Rogues, and are still operating at a high level with less layers. Open to merger options or new players.

Chillin Rogues [SWR]

Members: 29/30

Good place to either chill or grow. Friendly with wide resource base.

Hit the 10-11* titan when on, must use all war flags if opted in.

Looking for one new member for Sherwood Rogues. See the post above this one for details. Contact me line Id emz19 or discord rodek#6114