Sherwood recruitment [SWR family]

Restarting our Sherwood Recruitment post since the last one closed. We are a family of 3 alliances - English speaking but international. We share resources and information across the alliances and allow for free movement between depending on your current goals and abilities.

Sherwood Rogues [SWR]

Alliance ranking: In and out of Top 100

Members: current 29/30

Defense minimum: 4800

Titans: continuous 14*

Troop recommendation: level 23+ mana, all colors

Expected 25-30+ max 5*, need a good purple tank as well.


Sherwood Rangers -[SWR]

Alliance ranking: Top 1k when full

Members: 27/30

Defense min: 4400

Titans: 12*

Expected 30 max 4-5*+


Chillin Rogues [SWR]

Members: 29/30

Good place to either chill or grow. Friendly with wide resource base.

Hit the 10-11* titan when on, must use all war flags if opted in. Not serious about anything except wars.

Contact me emz19 on LINE, or find us by searching SWR in the alliance search and requesting join

A great alliance I can highly recommend! I spent time in all 3 and had a very enjoyable time with the SWR family

I edited the initial post for updated numbers. There are openings in each alliance right now.

Been a member of each one of the SWR family and currently located in the Chillin family due to a newborn addition to my own family max. This is a fantastic family of alliances with great leadership in each alliance. Great place to call home.

Looking for some recruits! See the first post. We have some openings in each alliance - we can find a fit for you no matter your speed! Find us ingame by searching SWR in the alliance search, or message me LINE emz19 with question.