Shen Amulet vs Ahmose boss's reflect

From, the description, the Shen amulet do 2 things.

  • Protect heroes from status ailments.
  • Reflect the status ailments back to enemy when possible.

However, Shen amulet doesn’t protect my Wilbur when Ahmose boss reflect the ailment back to him.

Moreover, I also found that there is sometime a animation bug on the Tetisheri boss. I am not sure what cause it.

Isn’t this kind of normal? You don’t want the reflection to bounce back and forth. Instead it reflects once: when you try a def down on Ahmose. I would say just about every reflection type like this works this way. For example, if both sides had yellow reflect up, and you use cVivica to try to dispel, it would reflect back onto the attacker and dispel the attacker’s yellow reflect.


But from the Shen amulet the description, it say that the amulet also protect heroes from status ailments too like the immune ailment buff. Even it shouldn’t reflect back and forth, it should at least protect heroes from status ailments.


I never thought of separating the 2 effects, and it’s possible that the developers didn’t, i.e. I always considered that you’re being protected because you are reflecting the ailments vs you can’t get ailments, and you reflect them. So chances are they coded it like the former rather than the latter as you are mentioning. I guess we’ll see what they have to say about it.


Yeah, it look like that they coded it like the ailment reflect buff. That is also what I thought as well when the bug happen in the first time. But when I look at the amulet description again, I think it is bug.

@PlayForFun Could you contact staff about this ?

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Ok, I can send it to Staff.

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