Sheet with all levels/ascensions of Heroes?

Does anyone know of a reference that has all levels/ascensions and related stats for all heroes?
Alphabetically, Alberich 1/1 through Zeline 4/80 and everything in between. A ton of data, I realize. :slight_smile:

Hello Billy,

Read the players guide section. You will find what you are looking for.

@Menolas, lots of stuff posted there referencing Maxxed stats as well as information on how much XP needed to take a hero from one level to another, but I cannot find anything that lets me lookup Grimm 3/25 to know he’s got 535 Attack, 397 Defense, and 847 Health with a base Power of 511 (x-Troops), save the fact that he’s on my roster at that specific level.
Also, most Special Stats information references have Maxxed stats only too, so I can learn that Hu Tao’s 8/8 deals 175% damage all enemies, and also throws -35% accuracy for 4 turns. What I cannot find details on is Hu Tao’s 2/8 Special dealing 145% damage to all enemies and -23% accuracy for 4 turns, and etc.
If you have a specific post in mind, please share.

Hello Billy,

Sorry, I do not think there is a list with this information

for the specials most people will look at the lvl 1 special and th 8/8 special and extrapolate. it will be close enough and generally a few 5% bumps isn’t going to matter when estimating. same for stats at non max levels for a tier. He hero is going to be spending such a short time at that level (and often levels multiple levels at a time) that it has t been worth it to track that data.

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You might tell the wizards here why you want that particular information in that form.

If you have something in mind you might derive from what you asked about, that might be available.

Did that make sense?

@BillyBarule I was looking for something else and found this… check my topics, I created table for just that.

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