Sharing with new players – Is there a way to gift items to my team as the alliance leader?

I inherited the team I am on. The leader promoted me and left. As the leader I would like to gift items to my team. They have been awesome. But it looks like we cant gift. Thoughts?

No, there’s no way to gift items directly in the game.

But some alliances do competitions and giveaways, and use Google Play or iTunes Gift Cards so players can get gems or purchase offers.

There are also a large number of posts in #ideas-feature-requests with various suggestions about gifting and alliance member rewards, which you could peruse and comment/vote on ones you’d like to support.

The Forum Search is useful for this, but here’s a small sampling of the extremely large number of posts related to that.


There was the valentine’s day deal. You bought 300 gems and it gave 30 gems to everybody in the alliance. But that’s probably a once-a-year deal…


Maybe Christmas too??

Easter coming up. Buy gems and rest of alliance gets a mystery egg

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I think given the popularity of that deal, it’s very likely we’ll see another one before next Valentine’s Day.

But it’s definitely not a routine way to give gifts on a regular basis, or to reward achievements or significant contributions.

But it is a nice treat!

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Short answer. Nope. Mist likely for abuse reasons.

Only way to gift sth to your mates is to meet them somewhere and to hand out whatever you want to. :wink:


A coupke alliances I’ve seen will gift google/apple credits vis email to members…


The Idea of Google app gifts is Nice, but not everyone can afford it.
Really is it so hard to establish a Military ranking?
Other than elder an co leader that is.
But giving stripes and bars to the ranking name.
Next to elder. So they have goals to work for with out breaking the bank.
And this does not change any of the Authority placed on them.
Unlike some alliances that go ahead and place everyone is a coup leader that means everyone has a chance to boot everyone else or had a chance to change settings and is not something I’m willing to give to the entire Alliance.

There are many separate proposals for something like that, here are a few:

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Keep looking and you’re coming back to my name . Lol from a year and a half ago. evil laugh

I would love to be able to sgare and guve ascension items as well. So many if them are difficult or even impossible to gain, and we cannit purchase them, either, or use diamonds to simply level up heroes. I haven’t seen it elsewhere, but I’d love a format like this for chatting as well.

I would like you to swap gifts with my team.I mean ordnance and other devices.Please include in the game.

@zephyr1 already posted a lots of threads about this topic. You should use the search button before opening a thread -> Sharing with new players – Is there a way to gift items to my team as the alliance leader?

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