Sharing WiFi from Another Device - Connection Error

I’m in a scenario in which my wireless router has died and my cellular connection is too poor to play the game reliably. I have a computer (Mac Mini) that’s able to share WiFi to other devices, however once connected to the WiFi network from the computer the game throws a connection error. While on this same network I have no issues connecting to anything over the WiFi other than this game.

Without being able to use the WiFi originating from the computer I’m unable to play the game or play it reliably.


  • Enable Internet Sharing (from Ethernet to WiFi) on any computer that uses a wired internet connection
  • On mobile device go to your WiFi settings and select the network originating from the computer in step above
  • Launch the game and receive Connection Error


  • iPhone 11 Pro / iOS 14.4
  • Mac Mini (2011) / MacOS 10.13.6
  • Game v35.0.0 build 861

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I am having this same issue since we have this v35.
Been playing for 1 year and a half++ always with this network… so the issue is not from the network or the phone…

Yesterday I was waiting for the update as I couldn’t connect… Informing me I had a new version and then no new version was available… Now this…

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Not sure if anything server side has changed since I posted this but I’m now able to access the game using the WiFi from the computer.


Today is working fine for me as well… Was getting crazy yesterday not being able to connect… I did not change anything from my side

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