Sharing two personal victories

WARNING: positivity follows

I read the forums semi-regularly and have gained a lot of knowledge from doing so, so a thank you to all of you, and I hope you will share in two personal bests I recently achieved.

  1. I recently won a raid against the highest team power I have ever attempted to fight / defeated: 3,964. My attacking team was more than 400 points lower. I’ve had larger point discrepancies before, but against lower team powers.

  2. Although it came in a losing effort, I had a great war the other day, going six for six and one-shotting teams at the following team powers:


That’s an average of just over 3,500 - for perspective, the single best team I can field right now is 3,563. To compare points scored in different wars I standardize points scored to a metric I think of as ‘average teams’. An average team is simply 1,500 divided by the number of teams on the field. Using this to judge my score, I garnered 6.76 average teams during the war.


Wow! That is a fantastic war effort.


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Congratulations! I hope the rest of the week is equally good.
Blessings, Azure

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6 for 6 is tough as you need 6 somewhat friendly boards.

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Nice job @IvyTheTerrible! I have yet to go 6 for 6 in war, someday :smile:

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@IvyTheTerrible congratulations! Those 6 war 1-shots are particularly impressive. I’ve been chasing that goal for a long time and finally accomplished it a couple wars ago :grin:

And thanks for the positivity. It’s always welcome here on the forums!

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Just a few minutes ago…

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This is fantastic. I’ve only ever gone 5/6 OS victories in war and that was in the early days of WAR .
It’s always a satisfying feeling…now I’m horrible lol . I will get 4 OS on average but against similar attack power.

Best I’ve defeated is a 4000 deck with 3600… but this isn’t about me. Cudos to you and your accomplishments :trophy:

P.s no pics means it never happened so make it happen! :yum:

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Can you share your secret?

What element combination did you use on war? Mono/3-2/3-1-1/rainbow?

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I don’t have a deep enough bench to stack super heavily without greatly sacrificing overall team power. So mono is never really an option for me in wars. Most of my attacks were 2-1-1-1, though I was able to go 2-2-1 once or twice and know I threw out a 3-1-1 at the end. I wouldn’t been happy just to take the tank out on that last one.

I do choose my match-ups very carefully, often assembling my teams and choosing my six targets before attacking a single time. For example, I want to choose carefully where my Cyprian goes, as I can often take a team well above my level out with him (even at only 3.60). Mitsuko is another one, but that’s basically just a matter of looking for something like an Isarnia in a corner. :slight_smile:

Really, I don’t think I do anything differently than many of the posters here on the forum. The current war is broken, but if it gets fixed / next time maybe I’ll see if I can make a few more informative notes.