Sharing score rare Guardians of teltoc

What are your scores in rare difficulty screenshots please

So far I just played it once for completion, nothing more.

I would love to see some other scores. Especially mid range scores. I’m thinking of trying to get a score under #3,000 but I have no idea how much I would have to improve, as the lowest target score I can see is #100.

Edit: As of Saturday evening, my score is the same (haven’t started replaying anything), but my rank has dropped to 44427th

I would love to see a couple screenshots of some level scores showing the distribution between enemy, health, match, and time points.

I’m currently ranked 3,695. Toying with 3,000 but the loot is not that good to go crazy on. My points are 386,502. I just don’t think it’s in he cards for me. Plus I’m sure others will pass me too.

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Could you post a pic showing stage scores?

Wondering how much I’ve got to improve mine, and more importantly where to do it.

Sure. I’ve actually improved my score some. :blush:
Still don’t think 3,000 will be in my view.

I’d love to see someone higher than me.


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I did some work to improve my score, but didn’t get in the top 3000 either. Maybe next time; at least I’ve got some idea what it will take now.

I dropped to #5,341 by the time it ended. For anybody interested, I also recorded my scores and ranks as I was replaying to improve things; Most of the ranks probably dropped a bit from when I recorded them to the end.

Rank Master Score
5341 387,951
6431 382,905
6944 380,623
7110 379,923
9463 373,851
14831 364,558
37435 339,785

This was the fist event I was able to try hard on, and I was lucky enough to finish 36th in Rare. I’m afraid I don’t have screenshots, but I still have the scores. They were:

  1. 28259
  2. 32265
  3. 35054
  4. 37586
  5. 40064
  6. 46656
  7. 48421
  8. 51864
  9. 53977
  10. 76719

Total: 450865

Some things I learned:

  1. All stages have a maximum Enemy score which you always get by clearing the stage.
  2. Likewise, all stages seem to have a max Health score of 0.8 * Max Enemy which you get by having all characters at max health when the last enemy is defeated.
  3. Time and Match scores do not seem to have a max value and are what really separate scores from one another.

Good scores seemed to come with Time and Match values both upwards of 1.6 * Max Enemy. Time goes up the quicker you finish, obviously. I’m not exactly sure what adds to Match, however. It seems the more combos, the better, but I imagine there is someone out there with more specific knowledge about it than I have.

Side note, my best stage scores came with overall stage scores of about 5 * Max Enemy. Under this framework, though, to get the winner’s score one would have to average 5.275 * Max Enemy per stage. That is frankly astonishing. I probably had around 150 runs across all stages and did not reach that mark a single time.

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YGood info. I went for it - top 3,000 that is. I was 2,500 at one point and then went down. It seemed like it wasn’t in my cards and I let it go, focusing on other things. My final ranking was just over 4,100. I have thoughts to improve next time. :wink::face_with_hand_over_mouth::zipper_mouth_face:

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Somebody really got into taking apart the scores, and posted their results here (Link to reply covering match scores; there is a lot more in the topic, much of which you’ve already figured out):

From this post, plus chatting with people who do well, time scores theoretically don’t have a ceiling, but in practice, the game takes time to play, and you really can’t get it all that high.

OTOH, the sky is the limit on match scores, and getting this high is how people win, by replaying each level until they get a really good board.

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Since I wrote those posts, I feel the need to add a couple comments. If you look at the formulas, there is indeed a maximum score. For level 1 on rare, you can plug in a time of zero and the time score is about 16,900. Similarly, you can plug in an infinite number of matches and the match score is about 11,000. These maxima would be more on epic, legendary, or higher stages. Of course, there is a smaller limit below which no human could perform.

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At this moment im 278th

Thanks for that correction, @Epigenetic. I was noticing that the input for the time score (how long you play) is bounded, while the input to the match score (average tiles per match) didn’t have an upper bound. Then being rather lazy, I didn’t notice that even as that input went to infinity, the score you could achieve still had an upper bound.

What is more interesting (to me, anyway) is how close to those maximum scores the winners are already getting. If I put in a time score of 6800 (~2 minutes) and a match score of 75% of what an infinite number of tiles would be, and full health scores for each level, I come up with something VERY close to Wharflord’s winning score in Rare.

It seems that earlier stages tend to exceed that average target and later ones fall short. Probably because the mobs are harder/slower to kill; that would make for longer times, and also more matches being used to calculate the average match score, which would make even outlier high average matches lower than they are in faster levels.

Winning scores for Epic and Legendary seem to fall farther short of that ideal than Rare do.

My suspicion is that significantly higher scores than we are seeing are effectively unachievable, 'tho a few thousand more points probably aren’t.

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