Sharing pirate scores

Can people post their scores on the pirate event to help as a reference. I want to improve my scores but I am the best scorer in my alliance. I am aiming for top 10000 in Rare, top 5000 in Epic and top 10000 in Legendary. Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:


Think you’re looking for @Uclapack @Xero786 @Kainboy @Wharflord


I am no expert in the challenge events, but I am currently in the tiers that you are looking for, so this might help you to some extent to have an idea. These are just the scores I got by playing through each level once, but depending on the competition till the final day, I might need to replay a few levels to stay in these brackets. :slight_smile:

PS: Sorry my phone is not big enough so it only shows the scores of the last 10 levels, but I guess these are the levels where you can make the most impact :slight_smile:

Edit: I have updated the scores several times to reflect the latest ones. :slight_smile:

Also, if it helps, the following are the teams and items I used for the 3 tiers. :slight_smile:



I’m hoping for top 500 epic and maybe top 10 legendary


Could you please post the top scores too

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I go for 1k - 500 - 1k every month. This event I actually could reach top 100 legendary, but I finished all the items :rofl:


Could you post the first 6 stages too. Those are the ones I like to replay the most

Sure. But if your goal is a particular tier, you don’t make the difference with the easy ones. The gap between players begins after 7th stage.

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I think I’m gonna give up on top 100 legendary lol… No way I’m coming near those scores. Currently ~70 and I doubt it’ll last, or I’ll keep pushing.

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Came here to say that you are the real MVP for sharing this. Also, Happy Birthday!


Thank you so much kind sir. Always happy to help :slight_smile:

This is super helpful, thanks! What was your team for epic?

Here are my scores for Rare so far:

I could use some improvement particularly in stage 9.

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Your scores are so much higher than me on even the first 3 levels… how do you do it?

I’m red stacking with Wilbur, I flee until I get a good board and hoard items to nuke the bosses. I think the biggest thing to slow me down is when the red tiles are all used up, I start to panic and stop making good combos. Any tips? In even the first few levels?

Edit: I replayed stage 9 Epic and got a suspicious chest. Your score is still 10k higher than mine. What am I missing?

Wow, these are really great scores and truly interesting to see.
It makes me reconsider my willingness to try for top 100 legendary. Currently at #300, would need about 100k right now, so it will increase again.
I need to abandon that idea this time :sleepy:
And prepare for next event :rofl:

Thanks @Uclapack and @Scarecrow for sharing

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@Uclapack @ThePirateKing @Scarecrow @DaveCozy
Thanks for sharing the scores. Especially to UCLA who is at the top. Whish you beat them all! The greatness of the top players apears when they have the oportunity to share their knowledge among the community. You guys are the best!


I’m just trying to stay in top 1000 of rare and top 500 of epic. @Uclapack scores are amazing… I don’t see what I’m doing wrong and why mine don’t even get close.

This is my 1-8 strategy in epic. It’s an old video but still applies. Basically I take all hitters of one color, make a big combo within the first move that fills mana and then burn down with items


This one is the 9-15 strategy. 13-15 I would take an attack boost hero (wu Kong, tarlak, miki) because they have 3 bosses and need the extra damage. Find a diamond in your strong color or a way to make a diamond in your strong color. Burn down with items, mana up and hit the diamond on bosses. The later levels need a lot of strong tiles and a lot of board luck.


I’ve been saving battle items to try and kill the bosses. Is that a bad strategy? I use tiles and specials to kill the first two waves and nuke the third.

My team is the same as yours, except I have Boldtusk in for Colen. Do you recommend changing?