Sharing FanArt Heros

I made these prehispanic heroes long ago. What do you think of them?

Quetzalcóatl (Ultimate Toltec/Aztec God of Life, Nature and the Arts)

Ability: Prophetic Rebirth
-Causes 220% damage to all enemies. Damage increases for each fallen ally, up to 350%.
-The hero has a 50% chance to revive 3 turns after falling with 25% VIT.
-Each fallen Ally has a 50% chance to revive with 30% VIT

Read : I used Evelyn’s card as a basis to do Quetzalcoatl, and I forgot to change the speed of Mana. I will change his Mana speed to slow. I’m sorry.

Tezcatlipoca (Toltec/Aztec God of Death, Darkness and Duality)

Ability: Smoky Mirror
-Causes 220% damage to all enemies.
-Swap all the status ailments of the allies with the enemies in front line.
-The caster and nearby allies Reflects the new status ailments for 4 turns.

Huitzilopochtli (Aztec God of Sun and War)

Ability: War Recruitment
-Causes 220% damage to all enemies.
-Invoke an Eagle Warrior for each ally with 10% VIT and a 15% attack inherited from the hero. Each Eagle Warrior raises the hero’s attack 10%.
-Steal the enemy minions and assign them to the allies in front line.


I got a better idea. Change Quetzal’s special to “instantly kills all enemies” and his mana speed to “light-speed fast”… this way he wouldn’t be so overpowered…

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Good job, but those special abilities are too good. Huge damage for all enemies and super ability like revive…


I used Evelyn’s card as a basis to do Quetzalcoatl, and I forget to change the speed of Mana. You’re right, maybe I should put it slow. His ability is overpowered. I’m sorry

I love the concepts and the art! That said, the abilities are a bit OP. They’d need some tweaks to balance them out a bit.


Good job :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:
Very Nice !!!

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:slight_smilthe: thanks for your comments

These are fun, and I like pulling in a new culture to the game’s mythos. Thanks for sharing them!

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I like the idea of a minion thief!

Don’t worry too much about the abilities being OP or whatever. Were these to make it into the game, they’d go through quality control and beta before they ever made it into the game. :slight_smile:

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Thanks everybody for your comments

wow, these cars are pretty lit, tho the abiliries are too op. I’ve been creating my own cards too, still editing in Photoshop.

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Good ideas for heroes. Maybe pull them in an event such as Knights of Avalon. Tweak their abilities a bit to be more balanced with other heroes.
Great work Hector_The_King

me encanto ese trabajo prefería que lo dejara así porque últimamente los heroes del mes en los íntimo meses an sido malísimo comparado con algunos anteriores, genial así es debería ser y de mana rápida prefería algo así **Quetzalcóatl, por ejemplo que heroe que es súper malo del mes no le encontré sentido Margaret no se corresponde con lo que es a demás no ase nada, así es que queremos heroes con características razonables

Genial esta ese trabjo así seria perfecto Quetzalcóatl

Gracias a todos por su opinión, espero poder subir más Fanarts pronto :slight_smile:
Me da gusto que les hayan gustado :slight_smile:

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Great art works, are you doing more?
Would love to see more, if possible.
Have fun.