Shared resources with Alliance members



Hi all. There has been some general discussion amongst my alliance “Afterlife” about the possibility of sharing items being beneficial. After thinking it over I asked a few questions. How would it stop those not fully invested in the alliance??
After thinking on it I thought this; Only sharing can be permitted by those who have been a part of the alliance for 6 months can share with one another.
No limitations on what can be shared or gifted except for gems and heroes (Then the revenue factor is taken care of)
Let me know ither ideas


My understanding is this concept has been discussed and addressed directly by staff and although I was not present for the conversation, I’ve been told it is simply not going to happen. However, as a fellow patron of this game, I would love to see it as well🤔


I guess it’s more of a revenue decision but here’s for hoping. To be honest I like how this game keeps you trying for more. I was becoming despondent so I saved coins and gained Atlantis tokens and after a really long wait I struck it very lucky and got a 2x4* and a 5* so now I’m reinvigorated. A lot of discussion in my team about resource transfer though.