Shared gems: where are they?

Anyone not getting their shared gems? Out of 4 shares I got 60 gems instead of 1200. What is going on???

When an alliance member buys the offer, a message is delivered to you in your mailbox.

The message contains 30 gems for you.

The buyer gets 300 gems and you get 30 gems

If 4 members bought it, you should have 4 messages in your mailbox

Hope that helps


Also, check recent activity - each lot of gems will be recorded.


If 4 members of your alliance bought the offer, you should receive 120 gems.

If 3 members and you bought the offer, you should receive 390 gems.

Can you please show us a screenshot with your recent activity? It should show how many gems have you received so far.


Wasn’t it more last time we did this?

Nope. This is the same ratio as the Valentine’s Day offer.


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When is the next gem share event?

Nobody knows.

It was only the second time an offer like that happened. The first one being at Valentines day.
Next Valentines day?
Next month ?
Next week?
Next 32nd of the month?

Your guess is as good as mine :tipping_hand_man:

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