Shared damage - wrong calculation on reflect or healing

2 problems with shared damage:

  1. Counterattack (should reflect incoming damage)
    Only damage from the hero that is hit, is reflected, despite other heroes with counterattack were damaged. This damage is ignored. It provides option to damage counterattacking heroes with direct damaging skills without being reflected.

    In this screenshot Joon hit Leo. The dmg split into 5x80, however only Leo counterattacked. Joon received 80*1.25=100dmg


  1. Healing (heals the caster x% of dmg dealt)
    The same principle as 1)

    Leonidas fires on FT, deals 559 to both enemies, but gets healed only from the dmg done to FT (559*0.75=419).

With the damage share & counter:

I think the problem is that it’s direct damage which gets reflected… Not shared damage.

I.e. only damage dealt to the heroes who are direct affected.

There is a similar ish gripe about damage share and Black Knight. Logically the taunt activates first & the attack is either nullified or it stands. Then whatever damage is received is shared out.

This isn’t the case tho. Damage sharing seems to divide the incoming attack by the number of sharing heroes. Then calculated damage for each hero individually.
For example if a sniper is to do 200% damage & there are 5 heroes sharing damage. Rather than calculating the damage then dividing it by 5, instead 5 separate calculations are done with 40% damage each.

healing from Leo

Same thing. Cause the special is only target linked it will only relate to the initial target

Note, I’m not saying it’s necessarily right but just how/why it’s working as it is


Yes that is exactly how it works and what I am pointing out to be fixed.

Nothing? Kind of basic functionality problem and nobody responsible cares?

I know about this. But this is not a bug but system how it work. Shared damage is not reflected. It is wrong decision if you put hero with sharing dmg with counterattack hero. Sometimes I won raid against tank boss wolf with aegir flank. Thanks Aegir Boss wolf’s counterattack did no do any significant damage in my team.

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It works this way, but there is no confirmation of SG that it is intended.
E.g. buff booster was considered “how it works” only for tile dmg, not specials, until got raised and fixed recently.

Let’s make a simple quiz:

Defense: 5 heroes with shared damage, all of them with counterattack 125%
Attack: Quintus special - aoe with 500 dmg to every enemy (3000 in total)
What dmg should kick back to quintus?



Defense: 3 heroes with shared damage
Attack: Elkanen special (heals for 38% dmg dealt) - targets middle, hits for 150, 300, 150

How much should elkanen be healed?


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