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Ok, I cant find a topic on this. So…

Why do you receive full damage across the board when the skill is activated? Unlike the attackers hit being divided into 3 weak hits and spreading, the defense ALWAYS hits at full strength. If you cant get a dispel activated in time, the defense becomes OP and it’s already unbalanced.

Hoping someone can explain because right now I just avoid teams with Wilbur on defense…

I like them a lot, since you can cleanse his def down and profit from his shared dmg. The only buff you may get from an enemy.

Well, Wilbur also provides +63% defence for his team and -44% defence for the opponent.

Also the defence has a generally attack boost of 20%. If you add all of this, it sometimes feels like a truck runs over you. Therefore, never fight Wilbur without at least Sonya.

I think one thing that has been my experience has been that some heroes such as Wilbur have a defense down on top of their shared damage so when the “Wonderful Feast” starts you are also taking hits from the defense down on top of shared damage which means your effective hp loss is higher that way too. Ignoring Wilbur and looking at other damage share heroes I believe it is similar for other heroes though I lack a specific example at the moment.

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But why does opposition always hit full force? I mean, if the turn meter has you begged by 2 or 3 normal attacks that is 140ish x3. 300-420 in one turn. So, why doesnt there damage get divided?

It does, but Wilbur increases the def of his team by 64% as well as he decreases the enemies def by 44%.

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