Share your Wu Kong horror stories

So with all the Wu Kong nut swinging on this board, share your horror stories because he is not without his warts. Here’s mine - happened today.

The scene: 8* Dread Dragon
My Team - Left to right: Wu/Jackal/Ares/Jackal/Grimm
The moves:
Blue gem match -> Red Gem Match -> Yellow Gem match - fired a dragon banner beforehand - 13 yellow tiles -> BOOM, explode the gem after mana-ing everyone to fire Ares/Grimm/Jackal/Jackal/Wu (so grimm and wu still have +30% attack) -> not paying attention because OMG another red diamond -> BOOM explode the diamond -> yellow match, green match, purple match, yellow match etc. etc. etc.

I figure OMG, this is gonna be UUUUUUGGGGEEEEE…I mean, come on, a normal unbuffed yellow tile hit is 500, and a buffed critical wu tile is over 5k on average…3k if not crit.

15k points…no lie. The Wu must have had an 80 or 90% miss rate on this turn. And nothing is broken - I did a 60k hit as well on it. I figure I must have ht him with at least 20 yellow tiles with buffs on all my guys and defense debuff on the titan.

Just thought I’d share, my alliance loved the story as I dominate purple titans with that team.


I’ve had similar times where I felt like I owned the board only to have a mediocre score.

Most recent was this past event. One of my best runs of stage 9 and final enemy with a sliver of health left. Match 3 tiles under that should have killed it, all missed. No other matches in that area and I had already used my Bombs and Dragons. Needless to say, my score was out the window by the time I got the last guy killed.

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