Share your war stories here!

… or raids, titans, quest, challenge etc. any battle that really sticks in your mind, that makes a great story :slight_smile: apologies if there’s a similar thread, I tried searching but didn’t find any.

My most recent favorite battle was in my latest War. was doing cleanup. 1 flag left, so I chose an opponent with only Li Xiu and Sabina, each on a wing.

I bring a team of 3s, as I’ve used all my 4s and 5*s. Balthazar, Gill-Ra, Dawa, Kailani, Vlad. Yes, my bench ran shallow (I had already used Bañe and Gan Ju and Tyrum earlier!) Vlad is there to steal some of Sabina’s healing.

I focus on Sabina right away, hoping to take her out before a heal. I do, though the board doesn’t completely cooperate - I have a lot of purple tiles but almost no yellow. after having all my heroes fire at least once, Sabina finally goes down. but Kailani’s spirit link has run out, as has Gill-Ra’s song. and Li and Sabina together have brought my entire team to less than 1/3 health…

… except Vlad. his humongous health has left him at half.

but wait! Li’s mana is close to full and none of my tiles can take her out. but her health is very low. I gamble, making a purple match and ghosting. Vlad’s mana fills. I fire. Li survives… I wait and hope.

Li’s special goes off and murders my team - except Vlad. and as he stands watching and laughing, Li falls to DOT!

most satisfying war battle ever.

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