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Would anyone like to share some secrets and tactics to getting a better team? Comment below​:arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down:

Many TC20 running and positive attitude worked for me :wink:


Patience, patience, and more patience. Even if you spend money for gems to summon lots of heroes, it will take you months to get the ascension materials to fully ascend them.

Some tips for building a better stable of heroes without spending a bunch of money:

  1. Don’t waste resources leveling up a 2* hero. When you are first starting, save your gems and focus on leveling up your stronghold and training camps. Once you get to TC 10 you can train your own 3* heroes, and at TC 13 you can train 4*

  2. As you accumulate 3* or better heroes, focus first on leveling up one of each color. You’ll get Bane at the end of the tutorial. If you have the gems, you can do a single pull on each other color elemental summons. That will give you a 3* or better in each color.

  3. As you feed, feed heroes of the same color to improve your chances of leveling up the special ability. Stay focused on your first rainbow team until you have them maxed.

  4. As you max your first team, consider which of your shiny new heroes you want to level up next. Learn their special moves and how they work together. A well constructed 3* team with good synergy can usually beat the 4th level of rare quests and the Rare tier of special events.

  5. Do the same thing with a second 3* rainbow team so you can double strong colors. Get 2 of each color 3* to max before you even worry about 4* heroes. If you get 4* or 5* heroes, park them on your bench and hold on to them.

  6. Once you have 2 3* rainbow teams, then start working on a 4* team. By then you will be close to having the materials to ascend them.

  7. Keep working on your stronghold and training camp as you go. Also level up at least one forge so you can craft battle items.


What should I look for in having heroes compliment each other. The subject always gets too complicated for me to comprehend. Are there any more simple tips I should consider?

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Sorry I don’t know what TC20 is?

It can get pretty complicated, but some skills are more valued than others.

Here’s a few ideas

  • Healer - early on, Belith is particularly valuable because she also debuffs.

  • Debuff - a skill that removes buffs (powers that improve the enemies effectiveness over several turns) - Tyrum or Belith are your early options

Sniper - hero with a strong single hit. Those which also effect the enemy over several turns are popular such as Bane, Layla, Nashgar, Berden

Unpopular skills

  • Heroes with weak and slow AoE powers (area of effect - hit multiple enemies) such as carver, ulmer and ragnhild

Level 20 training camp. Let’s you train 5* heroes

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Here’s a tip…
Spend money on Gems
Use gems to buy hero rolls
and to speed up timers for chests.

Spend more get more (provided you don’t have awful luck.)

NO One team is great.
You need multiples of each color and lots of ascension items. So…yeah…time and money

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Skills come in several types. The thing to remember is that duplicate skills don’t stack. The most recent will override.

Buff: a skill that improves an ability for one or more of your heroes (attack or defense) or applies some other positive effect (spirit link, riposte, mana generation)

Debuff: a skill that lowers an ability for one or more of your enemies (attack or defense) or applies some other negative effect (mana reduction, blindness)

Cleanse: a skill that removes a negative effect from one or more of your heroes

Dispel: a skill that removes a positive effect from one or more of your enemies

Heal: Just as it sounds. A skill that heals one or more of your heroes. Some heroes can heal themselves, some can heal themselves and adjacent heroes, and some heal everyone.

AoE: short for Area of Effect. A skill that damages all enemies equally. Usually slow.

Splash damage: a skill that targets one enemy and does some damage to adjacent enemies

Sniper: an attack that does massive damage to a single enemy. Usually fast.

There are some skills that don’t really fit into any of these categories. Wu Kong, for example. Gamblers Stance gives a massive damage bonus with a 35% chance of missing. Merlin has Mindless Attack, which causes one of your heroes to attack a random ally as soon as their special is charged. Delilah, Thoth, and Red Hood summon minions with various functions.


Awesome info. Thanks

You don’t have to spend money. There is literally nothing in the game that you cannot get with enough time and luck.


It’s harder to get a lvl 5 without spending.

Thank you for this info, extremely helpful.

As far as team synergy, look for heroes who complement each other. While two heroes who improve your attack won’t stack (say, Kiril and Boldtusk), one that improves your attack and another that lowers your opponent’s defense will give you the same effect (Boldtusk and Grimm).

I usually try to have at least one healer, one buffer, one debuffer, a dispeller, and at least two or three hitters. Yes, that means doubling up on skills. Grimm is a hitter and debuffer. Caedmon is a hitter and a dispeller. Rigard is a healer and a cleanser. Kiril is a healer and a buffer.


Interesting distinction between Debuff and despell. I think lots of us are in the habit of using Debuff for both.

Harder? No. Your odds of getting a 5* from training camp 20 are about 5-6%. From the summon gate, it’s closer to 3%. TC 20 just takes longer.

I made the mistake of spending money to do a ton of summons early on. I’m now sitting on a boatload of 4* and 5* heroes that I don’t have materials to level up. I have at least 5 of each color lined up and waiting for materials. I’m not even running TC20 anymore, because it will take me a couple of years to ascend the heroes I already have. I just save my gems for single event pulls to try to get event heroes and HotM.


Thank you. I had no idea. I’m trying to lvl up my training camp. You have given me very good info.

However, Ulmer is good for the events because of his special ‘lower defence of all enemies’, so don’t eat all of them is good advice :smiley:


you will get plenty ulmer from tc13, no worries of feeding 3* :joy:

You’d be surprised… after I ate Bane when I got Li :man_facepalming: it took me 2.5 months of pulling and TC included to get another one. Also Gunnar, just have 1. So, I would keep one or two Ulmer. Yes, you can safely eat the rest :rofl: