Share your heros during alliance wars

Share your heros you got twice or you don‘t need with other members of your alliance wars only during alliance wars.
So if got some superfluous heros you make the alliance stronger, because members with lower levels have the oportunity to play for a short time this heros they don‘t have.
It also makes sense again to level up this superfluous heros. If not many of my heros are already useless.

@alex_2712 This is an interesting idea, it’d certainly change the dynamic of Alliance Wars.

I imagine it might cause some interesting dynamics, where alliances would want to have a few players around with large rosters.

Matchmaking would definitely need to be rethought, at the least…

@Kerridoc also pointed out some potential challenges of “borrowing” heroes in a different thread that are a useful starting point for refining this idea:

It looks like @Ricksta was thinking along the same lines as you when posting this idea last month:

And that got merged into here:

(@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky Possible Merge of Topic)

This looks to be substantially similar to Loaning Heroes

Please continue the conversation there.

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