'Share your heroes' function – letting alliance members view your roster [MASTER]

Back in summer I started a little project to allow sharing your roster with your alliance and I’m happy to invite you to test it.

Updating it with Two pictures from the project because apparently people thinks its too off-topic:

I am willing to allow one or two alliances to test it.

If you have line, contact me there :
otherwise send a mail:
fearcon ‘at’ gmx.net

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It would be helpful to see your alliance members full hero list. We are asked to help them with teams and it is painful the way it has to be done now.

Registering my vote for this idea. I shouldn’t have to go to a third party app to mentor my alliance. But its also weird to check on everyone’s defense team and be like, “Oh, look, I guess he pulled Rigard a while back, because now he’s in the defense team at 3^30!”

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Allow Elders and Owners and the like to view the Hero Rosters of the people in their alliance. That way it’s easier to offer help and suggestions to newer players. Rather than making them type out every single hero and level of their entire roster when asking for help, the Elder can just go look.

Most people sort roster by power and screen shot in line. Granted some people do not use it but if you’re in an alliance and asking or needing help with your roster, it seems a simple but more importantly a considerate thing to do to help those that want to help you out.

Simple search can lead you to this thread:


How do you share a screenshot within the game to another player?

Thanks, I missed this.

Just putting screenies into the chat would fit as well. Links were cool, too.

Was referring to a chat room like line most alliances use it for communications and reference resources.

Ah, thanks. I was looking for a method within the game itself. Granted my roster is a bit on the large side, but it would take about 6 screenshots for me to share my roster with someone that way. Frankly, it’s almost easier to just type the whole thing. :slight_smile:

Please consider share by group as well - would love to send a link to alliance for say … ‘share team 6’ - not just ‘here’s 80 heros’

Hoping the hero academy lets you mark things as food and treat them like recruits

I don’t want to scroll through 20 Alfies to see a war team :slight_smile:

THAT WOULD BE MOST AWESOME EVER … LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea … please implement this ASAP. Thank you so much. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It would be very helpful if the Leaders and Co-Leaders could somehow see their members rosters in order to prepare for matchmaking and war. The 30 heroes that are counted could hold unnecessary ones such as 1 & 2 stars that hurt the War score. Just a helpful thought!

The best way would be for everyone to get Line or something similar- even Facebook - to post pics of their roster

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I agree it would help with wars and training purposes

It would be easier to be able to click on the player at any time and check their rosters instead of trying to get everyone to take pics every week and posting them somewhere other then the e&p


That is so true Atomic! Also, not Everyone wants to join Line or FB.


I’m not agree. It will trespass my privacy as member. I don’t wanna be controlled of what hero should i use, etc. This is my game and not my leader or co-lead game, i want to enjoy it freely and to choose whatever i like

Mogulemon you would have full control of your team the leader could not change anything just able to look at the rosters and give advise especially to new members wanting to learn the game

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