Share your experiences and ideas of having a non-rainbow defense team

We all know that the general opinion is to have a rainbow defense team (one hero of each color). It is less vulnerable especially against mono colored offense teams.

But in some particular situations we might have some great heroes which tempt us to give up on our rainbow team and place them on our line of defense. Definitely, it needs to be done carefully and with considering a variety of attacking teams.

I think the first thing to do is to put the heroes of same color as away as possible from each other. Like put them on either wings, or one of them on the right flank and the other on the left wing and vice versa.

What are your ideas and suggestions? What will be your best strategy in such situations? Did you have any good or bad experience of having a non-rainbow defense team?

I’ll appreciate your time sharing your ideas and experiences here.


Personally I do non-rainbow atm while I get some others up that fit into my new defense better. On that note though, I have seen some extremely effective teams that go for instance, blue, green, red, green, blue. It can make it difficult to plan a way past the tank. best way to do it that i have found is match the tank’s color in a 3 stack. At the end of the day, if someone has heroes that have synergy together, the colors matter a bit less, still matters. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

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Personally think that the better non rainbow teams have their foundation front three as yellow or purple, and the wings random colours but maybe that’s just me

Ie. Y P Y or P Y P

Eg Finley Kage Guin Seshat GM as a random example

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I ran a team consisting of 2 purples (Rigard and Proteus) for months, rotating in the other 3 as heroes improved.

For at least 2 months I sat in low diamond (2500), rarely dropping out (and then it was usually a bad series of attacks). For 2 months before that I’d pop in and out of diamond… mostly out.

Initial team was, IIRC, Rigard, Gormek, Boril, Proteus, Tarlak. Replaced Boril with Triton, Gormek with Mitsuko, and eventually Triton with Vela. All except Boril got emblems (and still have); Gormek +15, Triton +17.

Before I switched to a rainbow JTV team my low diamond team was:

Costume Rigard +20, Vela +6, Mitsuko +8, Proteus +19, Tarlak +0.

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I think the troops matters a lot when you do a non rainbow team. With rainbow teams you get the max of your troops. I have seen a lot yellow tank with 2 purple flanks. But I think it’s a week point. Mono attack with yellow have an advantage.

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I had a little bit of fun over Christmas:


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