📱 Share your E&P themed device wallpapers~

I don’t know if anyone else likes to geek out and put wallpapers on their smartphones lol.

I made two for our alliance. Just sharing it here… would love to see your wallpapers.


I don’t put em on my home screen, but do like to play around with an app called logo maker (I use Android)
Everything used here comes within the app itself, other then the skull and floral vectors. Illustrator is alot better but I no longer have a computer



I know it’s in your past, but still you and your wife’s legacy.


I tagged you in case you may want the iPhone wallpaper heheh


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Well… you may have misposted.

But just in case your intention was to ask for wallpaper for hitting #1 … then here you go!

Olmor, aka rubber duck hunter, here is a rubber duck camoflauge pattern I found.

Use it for your phone wallpaper and remember hitting #1

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Winter … is here

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