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good night

tonight I come to pass something that I planned in our alliance,
we use the sharing of war attacks via whatsapp, with our war opponents,
It has been a success and vpu lge to say how we do it. We leave a message in the description of the alliance with the contact of an ally, if the opponent reads it will call and thus share the attacks between alliances.

A tip use in the description the opponent’s language, another thing answer in the language and people respond in your language and very nice

Note the description of our alliance we are Brazilian and we write Russian


What do you mean share attacks? You send them videos of your attacks and they send theirs back?

that’s right i leave a message in the description of the alliance wishing good luck and if possible sharing the attacks with my contacts in the description that follows the image

When we get another opponent who speaks English and we can chat offline, share attacks (win or lose), it is a…magical war. We love those opponents and consider them sister alliances afterwards. But, we always get alliances who don’t even use the same alphabet, so it is a rare treat.

So sad that we always fight people that we cannot communicate with.


Is this thing on? HELLOOOOOOO? Talking to you!

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Use line and add a translator bot. Not perfect but good enough to get video sharing arranged.

Use as follows after receiving another whast message from the other alliance. I translate and ask you to respond in Portuguese and I respond in the language of the person who called me, This makes it much easier, not everyone masters English, I’m one of them

Here it is after first contact I was added to the group of our war adversary’s alliance but what remains afterwards is a friendship

Yeah, not doing that. We rarely ever face another English speaking team. Such a sad state. At least we take enjoyment out of winning against names we cannot pronounce.

Use your alliance description Leave your contact in the opponent’s language So they call him let me see if I have the shape I do

We have done this for about 6 months now, we leave a message to join our Alliance WAR group I set-up in our Line App, we share stories, go at each other about which opponents we will get next, even à few times challenges on hitting certain teams.

100%, it makes the war so much more fun and exciting.

This is why I once suggested that both alliances of a war be able to chat amongst each other in the chat box that is below the war teams only.

I know this box is linked to out alliance chat but unlink it and make it an alliance war chat box where both alliances can mingle…

Anyways it’s an awesome idea and more people should be doing it IMO.

Look at the way I use the description of my alliance this right after the pairing of the war

Exact makes the war much more fun, without ever seeing your defense in action and very good that I have had the opportunity several times. I set up this topic to publicize and bring more fans in this game’s requirements, because my son game or another game that can see his defense , it would be wonderful if E&P gave us this feature too

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