Share the wealth - event rewards idea


I’ve read a lot of posts recently complaining about how low the rewards are for challenge events, and how most of the good rewards are concentrated among the very top players. This inequality was embodied by Zero winning all three tiers. While I congratulate him for his hard work and skill to achieve victory, I think we all can agree that he is an advanced player, so it feels strange that he is also allowed to take rewards intended for beginner and intermediate players.

I propose that once the event ends, there is another 24 hour period where each player declares which ONE category they wish to be scored in. They take their reward for that tier, but in the other two tiers their score is not considered for calculating places and rewards. Everyone would still get completion rewards for each tier, so this would not remove the incentive to play in multiple tiers.

This would let get rewards in the category which fits their level, without being bumped down in the rankings by higher level players. By removing the scores of players who placed well in intermediate and advanced, the beginner rewards would got to many more players who are actually beginners (same logic for intermediate). This would help spread out the rewards to more players, without changing the structure of events or stopping people from competing in multiple tiers. In fact, it would let SG give better rewards in every loot bundle, since players cannot double dip in multiple tiers.


While I do like the idea, the simple truth is that this will not result in beginners getting a better chance at the beginner challenge. The only thing this will do is for different advanced players to win a different challenge. I mean if I know I am #3 in advanced but #1 in intermediate, guess which tier I will pick my score to be? Same logic apply to beginners.


That’s true for the people at very high ranks, but there will be a lot of people who are in the top 1,000 in advanced and also in the top 5,000 in intermediate and 10,000 in beginner. Removing those players scores would bump up a lot of beginner and intermediate players’ rewards.


Personally i don’t like this idea.
I like to compete in all three category everytime, and if somehow i can achieve some good results from more then one, i don’t want to give up on some good prices despite my effort.
I’m not a big spender nor a prodigy but only an hard worker and a “strategist”, so i don’t see why i have to be punished for this.

I can understand the frustration to see such a player don’t have “mercy” and steal all the prices, but i don’t think this is something that occur again.

Not because he can’t, probably he can do it again. But i don’t see him need so much ascension items to do that again.

For me it was only a dimonstration of what he can do. A “test of strenght” or simply a bet.


I love this idea and have brought it up in chat and posted it somewhere here as well. I personally think it is ridiculous that the same person wins all 3 tiers. I’m sure all the big players are going to read this thread and talk about how bad an idea it is, but how can allowing more people a shot at competing for better prizes a bad thing??


Not to stoke the fire here - but where did SG ever state that each tier corresponded to anything other than to name it such? The only constraint is the compositions of heroes and items you are allowed, not your experience with the game.

I don’t know Zero, he or she is obviously a bit of a legend given their experience, but because they invested in (whether it be money, experience, both, etc.) building a 3, 4, and 5* team they should be penalized for it? My bet is I have the same maxed 3* (I know for a fact I at least have the people shown) and the same items available as they did on beginner. Maybe the levels were replayed 10x each, maybe it was done one and done and they are just that good. In the intermediate and advanced tiers you start to see some rare heroes in teams but in beginner we all play from the same list of heroes and items…but we all have that choice to spend money and get those heroes or not. Again, no one should be penalized for that.

As it has been suggested, rather than take an arbitrary 1, 2-10, 11-50, etc. approach to rewards their should be consideration to a % model. I mean how many people played beginner, intermediate, advanced, etc.? From there work out some %, even if it’s fractional (.1%, .5%, 1%, everyone else).


That is another option…or as I have seen other people suggest on here, give prizes by a points level reached…reach X points, you get X rewards.


I mean I have to imagine that from the first event to this one there are a LOT more people trying…so the percentage getting measurable rewards keeps on decreasing. Not a great motivation.


You’re correct, this has been mentioned elsewhere, and I do like this approach to event rewards. At least we would all know exactly how well we need to do to get the desired rewards.


Seems you’re making rules to stop a single player from achieving something here which is never a good idea. Zero put in the hard work and effort to win all 3 and we shouldn’t look for ways to punish individuals for special achievements.
I do think beginners needs a name change or should have a level limit cause its laughable how a beginner is supposed to be able to complete it, let alone compete in it.


Making prizes accessible in a points scale format doesn’t punish zero, it allows others the opportunity to win some decent rewards as well.


Maybe just label with star ratings: 3*, 4*, 5*
With rewards to allow hero ascension to corresponding level.


But I’d do NOT much care for the idea to handicap someone that is willing to put in massive resources to attain whatever goal they choose.

I cannot imagine the number of flasks it would take to replay stages to maintain top spot, let alone in all three levels. But if someone is willing to stash enough away, or pay for a stash, so be it.


Under this system everyone is still welcome compete in all tiers and collect bragging rights, just not all the rewards.


[quote=“sleeperZ96BT, post:6, topic:13377”]
My bet is I have the same maxed 3* (I know for a fact I at least have the people shown) and the same items available as they did on beginner. Maybe the levels were replayed 10x each…we all play from the same list of heroes and items[/quote]

I understand what you are saying, but by no means will a level 20 player has as many 3* heroes as a level 30 or 40 player. Lower level players are trying to build their 4* teams and are unlikely to have had months and months of time to build up 2nd and 3rd 3* heroes of each color. I don’t know what the game shows for the team that zero used - but that doesn’t mean it was the team he used for all 10 levels, and i’m positive that it wasn’t - the color mix of the enemies changed throughout stage 1-10 and you could score better by mixing it up. from my team (green: berden, belith, brienne, yellow: bane, blue: valen, purple: tyrum, balthazar, red: azar, nashgar) i felt like i could have used kalini, friar tuck, or ishtak at points. I’m at level 33 and haven’t had time to level those characters up - my choice likely - but at lower levels, there’s even less time.

All the ideas to make it possible for lower level players to reap rewards make sense.

i give credit to zero for winning all three levels, he must be very, very good.

i for one haven’t figured out how to maximize the match bonus or how using materials helps improve scores, but i wasn’t compelled to do so either, by the rewards.


@JimMe, my premise was to set it up like a marathon. no marathon has a single person winning all the categories. Men, women, 50+ people, wheelchair - they are just vastly different. it’s no different here, a level 50 player shouldn’t be competing with a level 20 player for the same prizes.

I’m not a level 20 player. i am just speaking for the majority of my alliance who couldn’t even complete beginner level. the devs had to make it harder because of the experienced players, screwing it up for the actual beginners.


You can’t expect any player of any competitive game to “have mercy” on everyone else, especially when the rewards for placing #1 include those ascension items that are so hard to get during normal gameplay. And I fully disagree with you saying that he “steal (stole) all the prizes”. I believe he put a ton of time and effort into this event to place as high as he could, like we all have in every event. This time he managed to get #1 in all three sections, and I’m happy for him and wish I could pull off the same thing.
To say he stole #1 implies he cheated in some way, and hard work & effort like he displayed should not be addressed as him stealing from you because of you being envious or jealous. That is very rude and distasteful of you, in my opinion.

While there should be something done to correct the issue like the OP has suggested, I have to agree with Chuck:

“That is another option…or as I have seen other people suggest on here, give prizes by a points level reached…reach X points, you get X rewards.”

I’ve played in all 5 events now, and having followed the leaderboard very closely, I think this would be the ideal solution. The issue isn’t that Zero obtained #1 ranking in all 3 sections. The issue is that the loot for #1 is so much more than even #10, it’s ridiculous. The loot should be set based on what a player can achieve, like the Rare Quests. If you can beat all 5 levels of a Rare Quest, you get a set reward for it. The Events could easily be changed to be the same way, and the #1 spot could still have extra rewards included, therefore keeping the desire to be ranked #1 alive and kicking.


You obviously don’t get my post.
It was not intended as an accusation in any way but on the opposite a speak to defend him.

Read that again, the “” are not placed because they looking good.


The events are not for relatively new players. The map is for relatively new players. The events are for late-game players, so that there is some sort of challenge left beyond the usual grind of farming provinces and killing Titans.

And as has been extensively litigated in the forum over the last week or two, the rewards for successful event completion are not so great. Mostly, it’s just a chance to work out your team on something difficult, for a change.

The three levels provide nice variety and an added degree of difficulty; they are definitely not for new players. To rack up a good score requires fully ascended teams with multiple role redundancies coupled with a tactically savvy use of specials and items. Oh - and some luck.

So if you’re a new player, maybe go ahead and finish the map. If you’ve finished the map, then build and ascend your team. Once you’ve got double-coverage for each colour at each level, fully ascended and with complimentary specials, then we can talk about competing in the events,


We shouldn’t be punishing people in this game because they have the time, resources and skill to win all three tiers.