Share replay on your attack / view raid defense replay


Sharing attack or viewing/sharing raid defense would be really nice for three reasons:

  1. it would enable to see / view weaknesses of your attack / defense team and allaince members could help to optimize your team.
  2. it would allow to show successful usage of items/skills and share your best attacks with alliance members.
  3. it would be just plain fun :smile:


I thought it is possible…just klick on the name of an alliance mate and you can see his defense team.
And if he / she want to show you the attack team…just fill the defense team with your attack team klick on “Defense Team” and everything is okay…

But I maid the experience, that not all want a helping advice. I asked one of my members, who made under 1k Titan damage and the answer was: “Everything is fine!”.


Maybe i was abit misleading. i meant replay. changed the topic to more descriptive