Share heros and battle items. How to convince managers?

Ohk I found the topic “sharing heros” and I would love to add “battle items sharing” to this idea.
This idea is not new and not so rare or epic or legendary one, its just the common thinking that every Empres and Puzzle player!! would come up after spending few days here, espacialy when you join to some clan, and make good friends. We need it.!!

Come join me, I believe if we keep this title hot the community managers will return to us. Any suggestions to rise our voice up? Whom we should tag ? Do we have any one who cares the wrtings?

So is the idea that alliance would pool battle items?

Sounds like even with the best will in the world everyone will be ‘sharing’ the tornadoes…

Would it have any limits on who can use what?

And I can understand that sharing for titans could be a worthy idea, but I don’t necessarily want my team mates borrowing all my items to kill Santa.

Can you flesh out the idea a bit?

@JonahTheBard well sure we dont want there be any chaos. There could be some kind of limitation of course. Like one hero cna be shared only once. So you will care to whom you will give. and maybe levels coud refresh. But I am here for two months and see that people are here for more than 6 monthns and still dont have 5 star heros even they spend 300 dolars. I dont feel like I can continue this way I want to have some good heros and me also spent some dolars.

Totally understandable.

Are you in an alliance? If not, a good alliance can help you learn how to maximize your chances for the materials needed to upgrade heroes and how to upgrade your base to summon better heroes.

Don’t be in a rush for 5*, they are very difficult to level up. A strong 4* team can do almost everything in the game.

I didn’t get my first 5* for six months but it meant I have a solid base of 3* and 4* to build on.

Read around before deciding how much to spend and on what. Some of us survive for free, some spend a great deal. Set an affordable budget and stick to it.

Read through the ‘Player Guide’ section for some great advice.


@JonahTheBard I just realised that you are moderator, great :). Good. So you care about us nice to see that. I have a clan and beacuse of them I keep playing…unfortunately I am not able to catch them. I have two of 13 lvl training camps, did many tryings to have some 4 level at least and some gem action resulted as aspected. So I am thinking myself and making plans to reach 20 level Town Center and so many level ups and then 2 day of waiting with change belove %5 to have one good hero. How many months God knows… To be honest dear Jonah I dont feel like I have that patient. so you will say this is the game and I am just requesting my idea with folks.

In our clan we have some good relationships with people, they already have reached the nirmana and have lots of 4 level or 5 level heros that they dont need any more and they say if it was possible they would love to GIVE us their un used heros with pleasure. So if it could be possible. This game could be more fun acording to my opinion. İt is not easy to grow up a 5 star hero ok, but to way the 5 star we grow up so many 3* level heros that we will erase them to so if we had 5* from good friends!! (not easy to have also) it will be worty to make some progress.

I sounds like you have a good group around you :slight_smile:

This is a long term game, which doesn’t suit everyone.

I would suggest that it takes about 6 months to really get into it and have heroes to choose from.

The game developers are well aware that the players would like a trading system. The model of the game is that it almost always includes an element of randomisation and it almost always includes a way of paying for more chances.

For this reason, I expect hero or item swapping is unlikely to be introduced, but there’s no harm in asking!

@JonahTheBard you kindly telling me to go away* but here we have lots of players havent reached to a good position, and I am here over two months dear Jonah. Also paid a bit to developers salary and I will if there will be kind progres we should win also. I have readed so many guide writings. You are supporting the system I understand you. But not offering us a solution just keep saying paying us money shoudnt be the only unswer. And after reading so many disscussion as you recomended as a result I dont see a relief after six month. And I am tryng to make it beautifull from now. Its good to hear the developers already aware of players need. I am pretty sure that if there will be so many title like this and supporters you will consider to discuss about it.

No, far from it, I wish you great success and enjoyment for many months, as I myself have.

But I think it’s sensible to have realistic expectations.

It is possible to enjoy the game spending little or no money, as I have done, but it takes patience.

And yes, players can change the developers minds.


I came here to suggest the same thing. It would be great to be able to share resources with my alliance members, especially new players.
My husband and I both play daily and are in the same alliance. We’ve both made comments that wed happily trade items if we could. Hes often short on chainmail shirts while I have several and I’m always running out of rope while he has dozens that he doesn’t use.

Is it something that could work if players had to pay to be able to access an alliance stash? Or a VIP members perk? VIP members only can deposit and withdraw from the stash, and set limits on the amount /type of resources shared? It may encourage players to purchase VIP memberships.

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I’m new to this game myself (2,5 months), but I’m not new to gaming and I really hope they dont add any kind of trading in this game.
The main problem the way i see it, is that everyone who want to do well, and are dedicated, would have to make alot of feeder accounts so they could give resources and/or heroes to their main account. Even if you could only give 1 hero once, that’s alot of feeder heroes from each account.
If you had to pay for VIP to get this feature for heroes and/or resources, it would increase the gap between the people who cant pay (being a student myself, I can’t afford it) and the ones who can, I don’t think this is a good thing.
Right now the bottleneck is ascension items, and that’s the only reason I bother to keep playing - sure the people who pay can get alot more heroes to choose from and can choose to level up the good ones, while I have to use what I have - but atleast I can level them up at nearly the same speed as there isnt that many ascension items for sale.

The only kind of trading that would be acceptable in my opinion, would be your own resources to resources you need, for example iron to ham or scabbards to tall boots and so on.

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Why not? Once a year, it could be done by allowing the basic heroes to share at the first level ONLY with the other members of the alliance. It does not seem so difficult. I know this game is a pay to win and I’m grateful that they are inventing new characters, missions and worlds with our money. This would be only once a year, maybe for every 1st day of the year. I repeat: only heroes at level 1, regardless of whether they are three, four or five stars. If one of these has already infused some other character, it is not possible to share it. Think about it

Then all dedicated players would feel forced to make 29 accounts (or more and make countless accounts and alliances if you could recieve from more than 1 alliance), and save up tokens/gems through gifts and mystic visions over a year to get extra heroes, then swap to their feeder alliance the one day its allowed and give it all to their main account. People would also start selling heroes this way.

A better solution could be to have a 4* and 5* of the month you could buy with gems, so no rng involved, but thats another discussion.

@Missmildred thank you, in our clan we also have couples, mother and son, sister and brothers. This is something that can bring Clan something special. I believe this will happen has to be a big need

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@Jessamine you can not say that and keep playing same time. I mean I have only one account and dealing with it; quests missions leveling up taking so many HOURS for God Sake. Who can handle 29 accounts say something that make sense. And tell me why should I think much about bad aimed people. I play clean and I pay for it. This game is not new so developers know how to deal with froud things. Believe me they can, I am also a mobile developer. You can take any kind of information form the phone and you can follow who is doing what.

And dear Jess after spending time in this forum and seeing so many answers I believe inside us there are so many trolls which is a part of system to block us. You telling us that you are studen, so like you mentioned I am not a supporter of paying much and getting nothing. It shouldn’t be the Vip thing I didnt say that.

Me here to complain systems low ratio and bringing some new ideas

The idea is not bad if there is an alliance shop where we can pawn our battle items and materials.

Selling battle items for resources and gems. Maybe 4* items like tornadoes can be sold to the shop for gems and probably members can buy them with gems as well.

Maybe like sell a tornado for 5 gems and the shop can sell it to players for 10 gems each.

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@Thanosinfinity me glad that you like the idea. but once a year ?? dude it is the same thing like we don’t have that option. Once a month or two maybe it is acceptable basic heros are also acceptable special summon heros like ve have at the moment could be seperated as you mentioned at the begining you need a push to keep playing and wtih bane it is not so possible to deal with

@AirHawk thank you, you are right there could be some steps who is for serious players for few gems in return is acceptable but I would not like it to limit 5* heros. to play professional you need at least 5 TEAM to survive in a good clan you can not do it with 4 levels and training camps are so stingy you know we all know…

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Once a year, just for a compromise that can be accepted. If you proposed once a month, I don’t think they would accept. To exagerate, could also propose to be able to do it for every seasonal challenge. But already 4 times a year, I don’t think it could be acceptable (for them). But it would be a nice idea and above all it would not involve too much money loss for them.

@Thanosinfinity make sense seasonal is fine, will seperate who is serious who is not maybe… could be… Why you are limiting yourself from the begining :slight_smile: But I am not so concerned what they will accept, they already doing it what they accepted. We should concern about what we care about. So they will see what are the need of the game, we are not enemy of developers we are their big data :slight_smile: we play we enjoy and we have some needs cous the system is so stingy if we go who will win

Im not saying anyone would play that many accounts (do quests etc), as long as you can make more accounts (from what I understood this is ok, but not supported if something goes wrong, alot of people got alt accounts) - and you can log in once a day to get the mystic vision reward and log in when there’s free presents like the epic hero token from christmas and other things during events, youd end up with alot of extra rewards if you could give it to your main account.

New ideas are great, but in my opinion I don’t think this one would be good for the game in the long run.

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