Share damage buff on attack team turn AoE and splash attack in to sniper

When you use share damage buff and enemy cast AoE and splash attack skill, there is only 1 hit appear on each hero, no matter how many hero are still alive. However, the damage is still same like it hit all target or target and nearby as usual but it just turn into 1 hit. This make Gunnar+Brienne less effective.

If your team of heroes, either on defense of heroes, are under the protection of Gunnar’s Spirit Link, all damage is to be equally shared. If a sniper uses their special, that damage is equally divided among Gunnar’s team. So, if that sniper supposedly deals 500 damage to a single target, it will deal such damage to the target. But when the target is under shared damage, instead of receiving the full 500 damage, it will only receive 100, while the remaining damage are equally dispersed to the other 4 allies (assuming all 5 are still standing). Each then will get 100 damage instead of the target getting the full 500 damage when all are under the Spirit Link.

Now, if a hero that deals AOE damage to all, each hero hit with the AOE will receive damage according to their defense stat accumulated innately from the hero and emblems, supporting troop and buffs since each hero have a different innate defense stat and will be damaged based on their total defense stat. If the AOE hero is supposed to deal 200, 210, 205, 215 and 195 damage to all 5 heroes receiving the damage prior to the Spirit Link, each of those will be equally shared among the heroes of that team receiving such damage if they are under the Spirit Link so that 200 will be divided by 5 and shared among all of them, that 210 will also be divided by 5 and shared among all of them, that 205 will also be divided by 5 and shared among all of them, that 215 will also be divided by 5 and shared among all of them, and that 195 will also be divided by 5 and shared among them. That is why those under the skills of Gunnar or Kailani or Wilbur or Mica or Aegir appear to have several hits on them from AOE as each damage received will be equally shared among each of the standing enemies. That is how I understand them anyways and I don’t really compute each of those damage whether they are accurate or not. I may be wrong though (highly likely).

But if you have a different experience or understanding, can you post screenshots or a a video clip of what happened, preferably those same heroes hit by a sniper or AOE damage before and after the shared damage skill was activated so that we can see the difference between each of them.

Yes, if I use Gunnar’s Spirit Link and AoE enemy use his skill which suppose to deal 200, 210, 205, 215 and 195, each hero should reviece 40,42,41,43 and 39. But each hero recieve 205 instead because it is bug.
You can test it in S1 map stage with AoE skill boss.

Per the V36 update:


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But it say “if there was one target”. Do they also fix the bug if there are more than one target too ?

I assume so but am not a developer so don’t know for certain.

It seems like it is the same bug where, when there are multiple damages done to the same attacking hero from a single special skill, the game had been summing them all together rather than showing them individually.

See this thread for example (Jabberwock): [SOLVED - V36 Update] Jabberwock (&Bjorn) showing only 1 strike


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