Shard System

Shard System ( Raven Heads )

Allowing PPL to Disenchant Heroes from the Inventory instead of ascending them to other Heroes.

Disenchanting Heroes for Shards :

  • 3 * is 5 Shards
  • 4 * is 20 Shards
  • 5 * is 100 Shards

500 Shards are needed to Exchange for A common Tier 5 * Champ like Richard

1000 Shards are needed for a better Tier Champ like Ares, (wich is almost impossible to get else )

200 Shards for a 4 * Champ like Rigard

this is a Example how it would work and it would still pay to Summon alot Heroes so u can atleast get Rid of ur many Copys and get some needed Champ.

Not all Champs should be aviable and after a few Month Period add the next existing HOTM to be exchangeable.

This System allows the big Paying Players to get the Final Spot Charakter Colour wich they are trying to get for Years.

This kind of System is alrdy in the most popular Games for a Reason

It Works its a win win for Players and Small Giants.

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