Shape of floor of any tower event

I just realize that the floors of any tower (Ninja,Magic,Styx) can stretch :rofl:

When there is a battle in that floor, it will stretch to make more room for the battle :rofl:.

I have no idea how this work but I am very sure this work as intent. Just not make sense in normal logic and make sense in E&P logic :rofl:.


Think of it as a selector. The floor youre on has the images of the mobs on that floor. The floor tile and those images require more space and to account for that space and for it to correspond to the floor in the building, theyve increased the height of the floor the battle is taking place on. It actually does make sense :wink:

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its MAGIC!

well ok its not Magic Tower, but you know what I mean


Yes but in E&P logic not normal logic. I mean in normal logic, no one will build a tower that doesnt have enough room initially but will stretch to make more room when it need :rofl:.

Yes :rofl:

I introduce you to planet Imsk, from DC comics - the planet changes size from time to time, so the inhabitants evolved the power to shrink and grow too :wink:

(dont ask, its comic book science!)

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Would any one of you design it this way if you made a billion dollars from the game?

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Yeah :rofl:

No. In reality engineering, it is very hard to design the tower that can move the whole part of itself. I think it is possible for small tower but not 25 or 50 floor tower.

Nah, its really not. I deal with this every day with our mobile/web developers. Its quite common in certain situations. Plus, they mostly develop according to the UX designs for which developers are, in most cases, not responsible for.

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Explains why the flooring gets so damaged.

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