Shamrock pin

We have a guy from Ireland who really wants a shamrock pin. He’s mentioned it several times and to be honest I kind of want one too. I think it probably would be a decent seller. Maybe there is one but we’ve never seen it in the shop.

Here’s a thread on pins has other tracking pins in it aswell. Does SG have a list of all pins available? / Is there a calendar of Avatars, Backgrounds, and Pins for sale in the Shop?
A shamrock is a good idea kinda strange they haven’t introduced one. If sgg did a pole on certain pins people would like on here and facebook there be alot of ideas can narrow it down to top 10 or 5 what ever has the most votes wins

I have an Irish flag I put up on St. Pat’s. I can imagine a shamrock or four-leaf clover being a decent seller… but I wonder if they’re afraid of opening up a can of worms with certain icons.

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