Shame on you S

There was a war package to sell during wars, clearly aimed at newbies, with all worse 3* heroes, apart from brienne, and abunch of useless training heros, which everyone but newbies know are no good until heros have special maxed. Newbies alliances are the worse matched war adversaries. I happen to know rhat because. I have an alt that wanders around those alliances.
Shame on you for sabotaging your on game in search for easy money.

I was offed the war package and I am not a newbie.

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He said aimed at newbies not only for newbies. And the package while a money grab also helps players that don’t have many heroes.

The point of AW was for people to need more heroes so the package makes sense.

It’s caller an offer, 'cause its not mandatory to buy.


Useless training heroes ?!??!!?!! :open_mouth: I love getting trainers.


Makes sense how? If with less 3 hundred diamonds you can make a 10 draw that at least may five you a 4*, or something better than the 3*s on sale???

I strongly disagree with your assessment of the 3* heroes offered. I think each 3* offered was in the top 2 for its color, and trainer heroes are quite useful for quickly leveling heroes. That package lays a good groundwork of 3* heroes for new players to build off of. It’s clearly not as exciting as a shot at 5* heroes, but was a very solid offer IMO.


No lss shameful for that considering it targets ppl with no idea what the game is about

In their shoes i probably do the same, lol.

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I’ve only started playing P&E since January of this year. As far as I’ve seen, 4* and 5* heroes were never offered for purchase by gem or by real money. It is unfair to assume that all players of this game (old and new) may have read into, played, researched, or spent as much time as the veteran players into this game to know the mechanics of this game.

In fact, I think we newer players have you guys (P2P or F2P players from when this game was first released) to thank because you spent time and real $ and lots of trial and error and we are getting the benefits of utilizing your experiences and you providing them free of charge online (wiki/forum/alliance chats, etc.) Years ago, when the internet community has not become so widely reached, these information would’ve been privatized and someone would put these together into strategy guides and make $$ that way.

But as @b_raven have pointed out, it was an offer to buy, not a mandatory choice. Is it the new players’ choice to buy or not? Of course it is. Is it their choice to impulse shop without doing some research like looking at the wiki, looking through the forums or get their own alliance members’ opinions? Yes again.

Hind-sight is always 20-20, just because we looked at an offer and say “Oh, I would never make this purchase because it is useless (to me) and anyone that does should know better” doesn’t mean the others feel the same way too. Usefulness for a hero / heroine is really up for debate, depending on the situation.

I do not work for Small Giant Games.


I think that this is a great offer for newcomers and if it was offered last October I would have taken it.

I thought it was a decent offer; I think it was intended more for those interested in AW who don’t have a huge stable of 3* heroes to round out their 6 teams. If I didn’t already have my full six teams with a good range of heroes I’d have seriously considered it.

While the timing was obviously done for a quick cash grab (it’s even called the War Pack), it takes a while to score a 3* of each color for someone new, which we have all forgotten by now. I started an alt account and I didn’t have a decent 3* in each color for a month. Everything SG does is to maximize profit, but it is a business, so that’s not surprising at all.

A pack where you know what you are getting? For a new player, cash grab or not, that’s a solid offer.

I am not a “new” player (I have a team of almost maxed out 4 stars), but I still thought about buying this package. I am training up a 2nd round of heros now so the trainers would have came in handy. Plus, the 3*s were mostly ones I hadn’t leveled yet so using them as feeders for the ones I did have would increase my chances of leveling their special.

I found this pack better than most because of the guaranteed nature of it. I never bother with “you get at least 2 of…” types of pack. Not worth the gamble.