Shadow Watchers™- Looking for Exceptional Members

Shadow Watchers™ is a home of knowledgeable and strong members whom are fully backed by a top 5 alliance known as Shadow Warriors™. If you want to be taking down 10* Titans in the future, this is the way to get there! No, it’s not a military style feeder alliance. We are independently run but work together to help members reach their goals.

We are on a cycle to defeat all 8* Titans. Then we kill one 9* and pass the next. During our pass you are encouraged to mercenary. In order for you to properly fight 8*/9* we highly suggest a team power above 3k! 3.5k more suitable.
Raiding and Alliance Wars is also an interest of ours, but no need to maintain high cups.

Come see us in game by searching for “Watchers”, or add me on Line ID: 2spookd

Find us by searching Watchers
We’ve got 6 open spots and still take down 7 star Titans. With the right members we can grow to 8.

Still plenty of room. Can use those who want to progress quickly!

Have 3 member spots open. Looking for daily players!

We filled the 3 spots. Fortunately for you, people come and go. So still get ahold of us!

We’ve got 2 available spots due to inactivity.
We smoke 7* Titans in 10 hours, 8* Titans go down in 12-16 hours. Top 10 positions are all very competitive.

Picked up 2 great new members to fill those empty seats. With that said, we can still make room for the right members!

We’ve got one available spot! Our 2nd war starts in less than 24 hours!

–I’ve updated the first post. We take down every 8* and kill the first 9*. This team is growing and would love to have you be a part of it.

One of our members went to Warrior’s to fight 10* Titans! Two spots available :slight_smile:

We have been increasingly excited about Wars, we are currently 4 wins and 0 losses due to our (almost) full participation! Looking for others who want to do the same.

1 spot available.

We have one spot available, looking for a stronger member, 3400 team power and above.
We’ve really grown a fantastic atmosphere to bring more fun into this game. (Plus our Titans give unparalleled loot)

Undefeated 7-0 in Wars, bring your A-game.

*Edit- spot filled fast
**Edited the edit- Spoke too soon. Spot available.

A few members are taking a break from 9* Titans. Come be a part of our welcoming and active family!

2 spots available! Looking for team power 3400 and above.

We’ve rebranded and reorganized!
You can find our new information at
Syndicate of War- Be Part of Something BIG!

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