Shadereave resurrection vs draugr

Noticed during war that opponents heroes reborn as draugr are fully resurrected if the battle ends with them still alive. Is this intentional?

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Are you talking about in War?

This happens with Marie-Theresa and zombies too (and pretty sure there’s a thread on it). I don’t think we’ve ever gotten developer response on it.

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I just played a user in war by the name of Jaferrin? Killed Shadereave who they had in the middle, Sabina who was on the far rightend, triggered their reincarnation as Draugr. They should still be dead when the battle ends right? Nope. They are sitting there with the health they had once they came back and when I died.

@Petri & @KiraSG

looks like this bug is back; was supposed to be fixed in V35:

Original Bug Thread:

I think this is a different issue. This is a weird interaction in war for Marie-Therese, Shadereave, and Muggy. If the enemy reincarnates and you don’t kill the new form, the original hero is restored with no (new) damage.

It’s been complained about a few times, but these heroes are so rare they don’t seem to care.

I see you marked as resolved, but what they fixed was a completely different issue.

The issue is that they don’t deal with the new form of the hero, and the hero isn’t counted as dead until that form dies. And I think that’s right, but I don’t think the current method is fair.

My recommendation would be that the original hero come back with 1 health. It gives some minimal advantage to those reincarnation heroes, but gives some credit for damage done.

Both Tempest & motomutt are saying that a hero died & was reborn as a draugr, but then the battle ended with them still in draugr form (i.e. not killed in draugre form).

Then when the battle ended, the enemy in question was there on the defence team still on full HP.

Which is the same as what was claimed to be fixed in V35. The linked thread had someone kill Onatel but have her be reborn as a dragr, and fight ended with onatel in that form. But then when the battle ended, they were back as full HP.

So I’m very confident that the two threads’ bugs are the same.

I may however, back at V35 time, have mis-understood the V35 release notes & the devs never truely fixed this issue.

The issue I believe was fixed was heroes resurrecting in the middle of normal raids and tournaments. This is only a war thing.

But I’m definitely not 100% positive. In any case, hopefully the devs will address it.