📯 Shadereave – New Season 3 Hero – 4* Fire/Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Why is Eternal Loyalty always at level 1 and not level up with the hero’s special skill level up to level 8? And why does it only deal 100% damage to one target? It does a very meager amount of damage, almost negligible.

Is it even fair when compare to Bruiser Bros’s Chameleon’s special skill Fierce Slash: it levels with the original hero’s SS level up to level 8 for the maximum 115% damage, and it deals damage to ALL enemies, not just one.

And Muggy is only a 3* and fast, while Shadereave is 4* and slow, making it harder to revive heroes as draugrs than as chameleons.

If Eternal Loyalty does not level up with the original hero, then Shadereave’s main purpose is just to boost the team’s attack, as the draugrs are two weak, therefore making Shadereave almost useless. This hero is really a disappointment.


Agreed…it is only like 50 damage to a usual 5* hero…having like ~800 defence. This is too low.

Strange…special always seems to be at 1.

This was a Frank with special 8/8 which I did let die on purpose. @zephyr1

Is it really worth raising this hero? He is so slow to set up and I’m thinking even Lancelot is much better than him. In an event perspective though

In events I use him at lower levels and swap him out for BT at higher levels as the heal is just as important as the boost.

For green titans I do use him and he seems to get better results than BT, even unemblemed vs fully emblemed.

I used to have a fully emblemed Lancelot and I didnt like him for anything to be honest.

I may in the far distant future swap out Shadereave for Ares, if I ever get enough mats (12+) to try that little experiment out

Oh definitely, because of the crit.

Maybe the hero card can be updated as Shaderave’s Draugrs inherit 100% health since the 2020 October balance update.

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