SHADE OF APATHY - We are a Global Family!

An amazing family of people from all the 5 continents of the world is open for new members to join in to kill titans and win some wars! Let’s grow together and be awesome!

Look for: Shade of Apathy
Ask us to open our family doors for you…

Hi everyone,
Shade of Apathy is currently recruiting (5 slots).

  • 1800 trophies minimum

Our Alliance Rules:

  • War is not compulsory but if opted in ticket/flags usage is…6 tickets left results in a booting
  • 5 days inactivity will result in a booting (unless reason communicated)
  • We have 2 group chats…Line and WhatsApp…not compulsory though.

We are a global alliance, so it’s an english speaking alliance. Also we are currently hitting a 10-11* titan. So if you feel like you are qualified, you want to join, and you want to have fun with us… then send me a message!

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