Sha Wujing - 5* Nature / Green from Journey family

Just got Sha, pretty happy, was the one I wanted !


In terms of Nerfs: SG doesn’t nerf based on crying threads but based on numbers. They mostly go for war and raid defenses and check the appearance of certain monsters. That’s how all these games do it. For example Miriam got nerfed a year after release when she was basically everywhere in defs.

I‘d say sha has at least a slightly above average chance of getting nerfed. That’s mainly due to the borderline OP passive that easily makes him fast, in some constellations even very fast. So that’s probably the one thing that will get nerfed because it’s only a question of time when this thing will get out of hand. If you don’t care too much about that and you just want a versatile hard hitter that helps your team to avoid hits: you’re good

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On my 50th and last pull, finally he is mine!


Everyone seems … chasing this sniper :grinning::exclamation:




This hero is a joke. That 45% dodge is either a typo or a flat out lie. When defenses run two of him, you know he’s OP. Maybe SG will wake up and nerf him but I’m not holding my breath.

Any dispeller that doesnt damage removes his dodge (C1/ 2 Viv, Sabina, Melendor from S1 can do it) . There is nothing great about his dodge. It is his heal and damage that is really a problem.

I’m pretty sure that this was patched out a couple of versions ago, wasn’t it?

So that they could introduce the new hero that ignores dodge :rofl:

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He was released this way. He has not been hard to handle unless he comes with cards like Luna and the the new op cards. I find him to be under used as he mostly sits in the wing.

This “45%” is such a ■■■■■■■ lie and SG knows it. I routinely miss 20 hits in a row. SG knows it’s really 75% or something but they knew they couldn’t print that on the card. Disgraceful. He dodges MUCH more than eg Bastet or C Kadilen and everyone knows it. Stupid OP hero.

Missed red tiles much? :wink:

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I don’t have these issues and never have. The % are accurate. If you don’t believe, then keep records with significant #s. Random numbers never appear random in small amounts, but average out over large numbers.

Please stop trying to spread false conspiracy theories. Enough of them rampant in the real world, don’t need them in the game too


Hoo this and others are not OP? Telluria was. Ok. Ok, This is not overpower, or everybody in top 100 or big wales dont have it. Yeayea

All You need is a dispeller which doesn’t cause damage. The dodge is easily removed. I routinely used c2 Viv and all dodge removed with no issues.

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Its a great hero. Buff blocker or dispeller is everything you need.

Sooo… I just got my second copy of him from a freepull. (Why not one of the others?:sweat_smile:).

Well, my first copy is LB2+20, a long time friend in story and quests, all kind of raids, wars and defences. So, is it worth putting the energy down on a second? 2 Sha in 1 defence sounds horrible to face.

Was thinking of a defence consisting of the following. Relius, Changé, Sha, Grimsteel and another Sha.

Thoughts about i should ascend my second copy. I never keep dupes, but this guy has been my go to guy since release, and might be worth having dupes off?


Wanted him for a long time and bingo! Got him today. But by this time I have quite a waiting queue of greens… makes me wonder whom to prioritise…

  • Sha Wujing
  • Moonflower
  • Smarttongue
  • Leafwhisk
  • Xiamara
  • Prince Siegfried
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