Sha Wujing - 5* Nature / Green from Journey family

Shogo, You said hathor (sha and several otherts too) are stronger than season 5 heros, where is hathor from?

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Hathor is from S5

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Sha is absolutely overpowered. Any time top teams run two of the same hero consistently, the hero is overpowered and/or the meta game needs fixing. C. Alaise was showing up 2x before they nerfed her mana reduction. Now, not so much.

If they (1) dropped the dodge chance to 20% or (2) made it so it only dodged damage but not other effects, that would fix the current meta.


they just buffed him to this to makes more money - would be kind of mean :rofl:

prediction he might will featured again somewhere in november (wo3k or covenant) and after this there could be a “balance” update… :sweat_smile:

I have seen this hero in YouTube videos in defence in folks war videos, to kill a 2lb +20 hero practically full health, in one shot then the other bonuses after is kinda worrying …:confused:


This hero does not need dodge at all. He’s super op even without dodge.


This guy is the most broken hero that has ever been released. I have never won a single game with my A-Level Roster against this guy. With second limit break he has ailment immunity, his hits are a OSK everytime and he heals for a ridiculous amount of health… oh well, and afterwards, he spreads his dodge to all. So you have a hero that hits like a sniper, heals like a 5 Star healer, Gives Dodge and has ailment immunity. Oh, and when his ailment immunity is gone, he is monk which practically leads to further immunity against ailments.

They forgot to give him mana boost to all, what a bad hero to have…

He needs a fix more than any other hero out there!


I’m about 50-50 against him but I agree that he’s one of the hardest to cope with as opponent

If only his mana passive would not trigger all the time - but this gives sg the opportunity to sell a basically almost very fast hero as average speed (to make him look balanced on first view)

Plus his passive resisting ability makes him almost untouchable after his 2lb status immunity is gone after 6 turns (also always triggers if you want to put ailments on him)

But it wouldnt be SG if they didnt release a direct counter to those fake numbers on his numerous passives on next knights event with that red very fast sniper that bypasses all that shieeet and stops most of his stuff


I find a decent counter as being Fortuna. The attack down really hampers him. The dodge isn’t super high, but is annoying. Sometimes I use cPanther to block that (if she fires in time)

I bring Cupido, Waddles and/or Xandrella. He just needs to be removed from the game for a few rounds. He is annoying yes, but if the board is not useless he can be managed. If he goes off and the dodge is in the opposing favour he can be tricky, but in todays meta he is not OP.