SH23 new building area pict

Does anyone have a picture of the new building area from building level 23 stronghold?

There is none is it? All you can do is convert more buildings


The description for level 23 says that new area for buildings, so I am hoping someone had a picture.

That’s a generic message for SH upgrades… After SH20 there are no more new areas revealed. You can only convert existing buildings to their advanced versions. At SH23 you will be able convert one of the buildings to Alchemy Lab and that’s it.

These are the advanced buildings you unlock at each level

Stronghold Advanced Building
22 Mine, Farm, Iron Storage, Food Storage
23 Alchemy Lab
24 Farm, Iron Storage, Food Storage
25 Hero Academy

Correct, and also from 21 to 22 the desc is also same:

And at SH22, there are no new area.

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Really!!!, just really.

So 2.3 million iron and a 9 day wait to unlock SH22 gives no extra benefit or buildings?
Man am i going to be disappointed in 22 hours when my SH22 upgrade is finished.

More disrespectful BS from SGG…

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No, it unlocks converting the second round of Advanced Buildings that are listed in your post:

  • Second Advanced Mine

  • Second Advanced Farm

  • Second Advanced Iron Storage

  • Second Advanced Food Storage


I am now 9d 2h away from SH22!!! Part TAY!!


I’m on 11 days to have sh23 lool… My disappointment is huge

Great, my first wave of advanced buildings are only on level 6 at the moment…

That’s actually somewhat advantageous.

The earlier Levels are more cost/time effective than the later ones, so converting a second set and upgrading those will be a better investment than continuing on the first set of them.


It is a GENERAL description of what the upgrade gives. It either gives more area or (later) it unlocks Advanced Buildings.

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You can’t upgrade to 24 at the moment…

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