[SGST]How come all of the necromancers (heroes that revive) are tree-huggers?

Here I go again!
Tenshi Nevermore back at it with another great idea for a hero.

This is what happens when your best ideas come to you on the lou.
Anyway, let’s get down to it.

I have never been able to understand why the creators/developers thought that it would be a fantabulous idea to make the wielders of the ultimate power over death the ones that are one with nature.

In laymen terms, I don’t get why Nature heroes have revive but Dark heroes do not.
It would make so much more sense to give the power over death to the dark side.
So I came up with this idea in hopes that this little logic issue would be alleviated and my mind can rest in peace knowing that all is right with the world and the powers of darkness are not in the wrong hands.

I present to you…

Bartholomew: Wandering Necromancer
5 Star Dark Hero
Class: Sorcerer
Team Cost: 26
Hero Power: 770-785
Attack: 700-800
Defense: 650-700
HP: 1300-1400

Special Skill:
Unholy Uprising
Mana Speed: Average - Fast
~Revives one ally in ghost form for 3 turns.
~Ally is immune to all forms of attacks but has +60-75% attack and can perform special skills.
~Ally can’t gain mana.
~At the end of turn 3 ally returns to death.
~The caster recovers 10-20% HP for every fallen ally.

See, now something like this makes sense to me simply because of the fact that in reality, the dead stay dead; in movies, the dead are still dead BUT they live again with consequences.
This gives a more reasonable feeling to the revive aspect and it keeps the powers of darkness (reviving the dead) where they belong - in the hands of the dark side.

Think about it.

Seems like my nature debuff was a good idea.
Let’s get 2 for 2 on this one.


Tenshi Nevemore

It is possible for the match to be counted as a “Defeat” if the attacking team has only 1 hero left and that hero kills Bart, but Bart’s revived hero kills the attacking teams last standing hero.

It’s like what happens with riposte when both heroes on the board die.
It counts as a defeat.

…casting a zombie :sunglasses:

Class: Voodoo Priest :wink:

If the revived hero cannot gain mana, how can they use special skills?

If they died with full mana.
Imagine if Mom North died with full mana but Bart revived her with full mana. How scary would that be?

Okay, that makes sense

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