SGG's denial of the game favouring payment

Some time ago I received this reply to a review that I posted.

@Petri While I appreciate the reply I’m pretty baffled by the claim that all players receive the exact same chances to progress. This seems to me to be contradicted by the facts that level 20 training camps can only produce season one heroes and effective level 25 hero accadamies are so slow and so unlikely to produce anything else.

Please can you either admit that players do not receive the exact same chances to progress or limit new heroes to the average power levels of those of season one. Thank-you.


Bro, what do you want them to say? That P2P=F2P ???

We all know that is not true and they are going to write templates prepared by PR guys that have nothing to do with reality. Give them one star, uninstall the game, and move on… you’re not going to win with Zynga.


The key word here is ‘chance’.

The ‘chance’ or ‘odds’ is the same for everyone, some get better rng than others, but that is another topic.

The ‘speed’ of the chance or ‘frequency’ of the chance is determined by spend or no spend.

You toss a coin ‘heads’ or ‘tails’ 1 time, the ‘chance’ is 50/50.
If you toss a coin for 100, 1000, 10,000 times, the ‘chance’ on that flip is still 50/50.

Semantics, but the statement they made is correct.


Yes “We all know that is not true” but that’s exactly what they’re saying, “That P2P=F2P”, but just slower.

F2P leaves rosters dominate by season one heroes while P2P gives variety and more able heroes.

As above it is factually correct. When you hit the summon portal you have the same chance as everyone.

What money changes is how often you can hit that portal which, as they say, will speed that up.

Like it/Hate it, your choice, but the game is what it is. I don’t know a single Freemium game where the free to play are equal to those that chose to spend. That’s the path you chose to walk.


There’s no rng that allows getting a HotM… from TC20. The game approaches are not the same.
It is untrue that people are paying generally for a “faster pace”, they are paying for better quality assets than those freely given.

Eventually the HOTMs will be offerred via the ToL, and you would get your chances then. If you pay, you can summon more in the month, and thus can get the HOTM the month it actually comes out (faster). Yeah, as unfortunate as it sounds, I personally dont see anything wrong with what SG said.


You don’t earn epic hero tokens during play that give you the same chance at HOTM?
You don’t earn summon coins to all portals through play that give you the same chance at every shiny new hero?

As others have pointed out to you only difference is spenders just pay for more chances. Not guarantees, and everything they said to you is completely true.



F2P get:
chance every other day of 3-5* season one hero × tc20s
chance of 3-5* hero including specials × occasionally found/won tokens, summons coins

P2P get:
chance every other day of 3-5* season one hero × tc20s
chance of 3-5* hero including specials × occasionally found/won tokens, summons coins
chance of 3-5* hero including specials × payments made

The difference is in the types of heroes gained


You’re missing the point.

When any player uses a summon they have the exact same chances. That is what they are talking about.

All the spender gets is more chances. It’s entirely fair.


Sorry, Greg but I agree with the rest, think about a lottery ticket, which is what this game pulls are, more tickets you buy more chances to win the lottery or different level of prices.


How am I missing the point? A player can do what they want with their money and they can buy more chances at getting HotMs and other specials … which are different in quality and variety to those that are home grown and which constitute a large proportion of F2P heroes.


Absolutely correct, you pay for the chance to have it now instead to wait a year to be release in HA, Atlantis or ToL

Is the experience of a F2P player the same as a P2P player only slower?

You get a higher proportion of season one heroes and a smaller proportion of others.

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Yes. I have FTP alts and I have some S4 5* heros on alt I didn’t pull on my P2P main.

You’re correct a free account may have a higher balance of S1 due to those being more available via free methods, but that has nothing to do with the chance of getting those heros. If you play for free long enough in theory you could get every hero eventually.

I would say paying is more than a slight speed up. That’s the only sort of misleading thing they say.

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Forgive me if I’m wrong but I’ve been under the impression that several of the non season one heroes are superior in their abilities to even the best season one heroes. There was much talk of Guinevere and Telluria as superior tanks among others.

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Again yes they are and chances are there to get EVERY SINGLE HERO for FTP players.

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I also asked a question:
“Is the experience of a F2P player the same as a P2P player only slower?”

Here’s a list of the heroes rated by Anchor with an overall A+:

Black Knight
Marjana Costume
Master Lepus
Phileas Fogg
Sir Roostley
Prof. Lidenbrock
Guardian Panther

There isn’t a season one hero among them. This seems to me as an indication that the experience of a F2P player will typically have a qualitative difference from that of a P2P player throughout the slow process of the development of their rosters.

And no of course it’s not the same experience - and it SHOULDN’T be.

Those who pay should absolutely have an advantage!

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Hence the statement from SGG “We do offer in-game purchases for those who wish to PLAY at a slightly FASTER pace…”

F2P has the same odds of getting a HotM, Event Hero, Seasonal Hero or any other hero on the Anchor A+ list as P2P players… However P2P players have more chances because they pay for them. Both types of players can go to Season 2, 3 or 4 and earn coins for doing the missions, which allow them both to do pulls for said season heroes. All of those pulls give a “chance” at a HotM as well. Again P2P will pay for gems for more chances at those heroes increasing the number of pulls and chances that RNG will be kind.

There is not a hero in the game that can not be obtained by a F2P player through some method, coins from season missions, event coins from special monster/chests, Epic Hero Tokens that can be received for free, TC20 or even HA10 (this may take for ever, but it’s still earned freely) and I’m sure I missed some… Point is there is no hero that you “have to pay for” to get, they can all be received for free, you just don’t the same number of RNG chances as someone who pays.

This game is a business that allows you to use there stuff for free… how many businesses do that and stay in business? It’s a “free sample” business model: try it, like it and then pay for more chances… So SGG can make money, pay it’s employees and get rich…

I admire your dedication to F2P, however that’s your choice, you also have the choice to spend money on more chances at pulling the same heroes or to purchase in game items such as food, loot tickets, energy flasks that will allow you to advance “Faster”…


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