SGG Terms of Service regarding compensation on buffs/nerfs

I wanted to post this on the other topic but Jonah closed it :frowning:

Do we accept to have no compensation for any modification on heroes, as SGG Terms of Service establishes? (I’m guessing a hero is a Virtual Item)

If so, then there are discussions with no bright future :thinking:.

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Of course those discussions have no future.

Starting with the fact that those people have demonstrated over and over they just want freebies from SGG.

Even tho’ I’m not a fan of those regulations, I can understand SGG for them. You purchased some gems with which you’ve done some summons, returning you some heroes. Well, you didn’t purchase a hero by itself.

If they would sell a hero and then change the specifications then yes, doing regulations might be in a grayish area (legally speaking). But in this specific case, they sold you in game currency which you’ve spent without SGG interfering with this currency (by cutting / adding any value). This is how the mobile industry had been going for a while now and I don’t see any change in the near future. SGG didn’t invent the wheel, they’re just following the trend.

With his signature élan, I think it’s fair to say


Thing is Terms and Conditions can state many things. The important thing is they are not valid contracts if any Terms and Condition item is against laws. I am not stating this is the case but many believe that terms and conditions or EULA are binding contracts that are above the law. That is not the case and it has been proven on-court many times.

Also trying to cover everything via EULA may be wise but at the end most important for any company that deals with customers is: Keeping customers happy.

The most expensive thing in a business is gathering customers. When you have customers, you treat them fair and despite your desire is to generate revenue and profit, you don’t design a system where you do whatever you want to your customer, just because you have a EULA. Any company that tries to do that may succeed in the short term but long term they will fail. because customers will say enough is enough one day or a competitor will offer their products with better services.

SG is choosing the easy approach. My way or the highway approach and clearly they don’t care about customer happiness any further. Looks like their revenue stream is high enough that gives then this confidence. I am a single player, I can’t make a dent but the only thing I can do is act as a player.

I still like the game will continue to play but when my VIP ends in 45 days, I will be completely F2P #nospend and one day I am sure my dislike towards developers method will force me to cut ties with this game completely.


A hero is a virtual item.

This provides SG a layer of legal protection, to help prevent some sorts class action lawsuit related to them changing the virtual items. I’ve heard this sorta broad stroke language can at times not be infallible in a court. (Edit: @gnikdrazil ninja’d me on this and provided much better detail on EULAs!) But I imagine that’s the purpose here.

This doesn’t mean, to me, that SG shouldn’t engage in providing in game compensation for impactful changes (specifically nerfs) to affected players.

To me - SG providing something to players in this circumstance - whether reset tokens and food/iron bundles, or some flasks, or whatever - would be a good PR move and send a message from SG essentially saying:

“Hey, we know you may have invested a lot embleming up this hero who is now changed. We needed to balance them for the betterment of the game, but we want you to know that we still care about you and want to help you to be able to adapt to this change. This bundle of food and iron will get you started if you feel the need to move around your emblems. Either way we hope this gift serves as a token to show we value you as a player of our game, and want to minimize the impact of the recent necessary balance changes. Thank you and good luck!”

I mean. We have never gotten that. But I think we should get that.


I think we should keep asking for it until we do

Edit: my memory can be poor at times… I don’t believe we have gotten that sorts a message about balance changes in the past. If we have and I forgot , my fault :stuck_out_tongue: I’d like to see that more consistently, And probably more goodies, if it has happened :stuck_out_tongue:


I already mentioned that terms in pre-nerf thread.

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This actually is my biggest gripe and issue with ongoing things. SG not owning their mistake correctly and more importantly not applying a correct solution to the problem. Their actions don’t show me a picture that their desire is balance. And this is even worse because:

SG now owning their mistake - creates mistrust
SG not correctly analyzing their mistakes - Creates conspiracy theories as the game is P2W and generate revenue on hero advertisement.
SG not doing the correct action for problems - Removes all possible hope for future,

Basically SG is shooting their own knee and still don’t have an idea what they are doing just because of their revenue stream.


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