SGG please redraw Clarissa before release!

Well listen, you guys make it sound like its 2 things we need to decide over, a trade-off, when its not. The visuals can, and should, look good too. Again, SGG is probably a billion dollar company at this point. They can, and should, do better visuals. And they do! Other new releases are just fine.

People have been commenting on if the theme of the character is right, if the style of it is ok, but thats not the issue I raised, it could look like a block of tofu, I suppose, if it was well drawn. Can’t really see it in my head, but…

The game is fantasy themed, but I have not even taken up Tiburtus costume taken to the 1980’s or Briar Tuck’s costume from the 20th century, or Tyr’s mechanical arm. They are a eye sore because they break the theme of the game, but at least they are well drawn. Clarissa is not. She is not on par with the other art work in the game.

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You’re looking at this like a slap in the face to all players, when you should be looking at it as an opportunity. You said you could draw a better hero - I don’t doubt it, I’ve seen several forum members here (and from other games) produce some amazing fan art… maybe you should try applying for a position on their art team. :wink:


I don’t see anything wrong with Clarissa’s artwork, personally.

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It looks fine to me, she’s just drawn in a different style than some of the other newer heroes… I guess slightly more “cartoonish” with less detail? Doesn’t bother me personally, they’re all cartoons anyway.

I mean… there’s this one.

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I don’t have any issues with Clarissa’s design. Not the best, but ok. Better than Malosi.

But as we are already talking about hero design, I’d like to repeat what I’ve said before in other threads:
If changing her artwork, why not do something really different and make her a middle aged or elder woman or chubby or crazy-mad-style like Malosi? Put more variety to (human) female characters in the E&P multiverse! If I’d wanna see young hot women with thin waiste and big boobs only, I’d buy a Playboy magazine…


This is a 100% valid point and she could still be beautifully designed great artwork. I mean Friar Tuck is also a chubby elderly character and the graphic design I’m cool with.

You know who I first thought of when reading your comment? Skittleskull. She’s a female witch isn’t she? Not sure if she’s not human or warped by her evil magic to look that way, though, so maybe not what you were looking for.

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I guess he’ll have his wish when the Salmon comes out!

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I’m not quite sure whether Skittleskull is supposed to male or female. Witch is mostly used for females but could also be applied to males, similar like the discussion about Telluria being a god and not a godess. And also I think she/he seems to be a goblin, not really human. I was more focused on characters that are really meant to be just humans.

Yeah no, took a fresh look, that’s a goblin not a warped human.

What Salmon? :flushed:

This bad boy coming out eventually for Season 3


I’m not in beta, I’ve seen it.
I give her appearance 2 stars

Clarissa is C-18. Simply compare the avater with this:

But I like the design xD

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Are we talking about the same Clarissa? I don’t see much similarity tbh

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Huh. I thought I was familiar with Norse mythology, but I’ve never come across “Lady Loki” and wth is a “Salmon Loki”???

I think Loki can change his appearance right? Maybe Lady and Salmon are part of less known tales?

Not an expert by any means on Norse mythology but I think “shapeshifting” is one of his things, could be dead wrong tho

Ok, she is not in beta anymore. She is on my roster and in my opinion, this is the worst artwork in the game. I’m not talking about concept or design, I’m referring to the visual quality. I hope this is not a sign of what’s to come.

Clarissa is now released.

Please feel free to discuss her here


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